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9 Benefits of Orchid Stems for Health - Healthy T1ps

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Best Of 9 Benefits of Orchid Stems for Health - Healthy T1ps

The stem of the orchid can be used as a source of medicinal ingredients that can be used as health care, which has been proven by various studies that are able to identify several active compounds in some types of orchids.

Along with the development of the orchid era has an important role in the development of medical techniques. Both the flowers, leaves and stems can be used as ingredients for medicine or beauty. Orchids contain active compounds which indicate that orchids have the potential as a source of antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidant and antidiabetic compounds. Orchid is used as a medicinal plant because it contains secondary metabolites both alkaloids, flavonoids, glycosides, etc. with various active compounds in orchids, this is different from the benefits of coconut water for cholesterol. Some types even contain compounds that have the potential to be anticancer / antitumor such as the benefits of leaves and orchids, namely Anoectochilus formosanus, Bulbophyllum kwantungense, Bletilla striata, Dendrobium chrysanthum, D. nobile and Gastrodia elata.

However, only certain types of orchids whose stem can be used include Anoectochilus formanosanus, Bulbophyllum odoratissimum, Calanthe discolor, Catasetum barbatum, Cymbidium goeringii, Gastrodia elata, Malaxis ocuminata, Pholidota articulata, Spiranthes australis.

9 Benefits of Orchid Stems for Health - Healthy T1ps
9 Benefits of Orchid Stems for Health - Healthy T1ps

The benefits of orchid stems for health include:

1. Diabetes

The use of orchid stems can be used as natural ingredients to relieve the consequences of diabetes experienced by different sufferers if you see the benefits of ginger and lemongrass boiled water. The type of orchid stem that can be used is Spiranthes australis.

2. Impotence

Men aged 40 years and over are vulnerable to impotence problems. Impotence is a sexual problem that is quite common among men, this occurs because the male genitals are unable to survive in an erect position. The various benefits of mother's tears and an alternative natural treatment using orchid stems is Anoectochilus formanosanus species.

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3. Inflammation

The immune response when something dangerous or irritating affects parts of the body is inflammation by looking at the benefits of Javanese ginseng leaves. Inflammation is part of the body's immune response. The dangerous thing is if the immune system attacks healthy tissue in the body. Orchid species that can be used as inflammation are Anoectochilus formanosanus, Bulbophyllum odoratissimum, Catasetum barbatum, Spiranthes australis.

4. Hypertension

Hypertension is high blood pressure. Blood pressure itself is the power of blood flow from the heart which pushes against the walls of blood vessels (arteries). The type of orchid stem that can be used as hypertension is Anoectochilus formanosanus

5. TB

The infection of the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis or tuberculosis attacks and damages the tissues of the human body. These bacteria can be transmitted through the airways. TB usually attacks the lungs, but can also spread to the bones, lymph nodes, central nervous system, heart, and other organs. The type of orchid stem that can be used as a TB medicine is Bulbophyllum odoratissimum, Malaxis ocuminata.

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6. Broken Bones

Bone fracture or fracture occurs when the strength given to the bone is stronger than the bone can bear. It interferes with the structure and strength of bones, and causes pain, loss of function and sometimes bleeding and injury around the site. Our skeleton consists of bones. Orchid species that can be used as medicine for fractures are Bulbophyllum odoratissimum and Pholidota articulata.

7. Hair Care

The type of orchid stem that can be used as a hair treatment is Calanthe discolor.

8. Epilepsy

Damage or changes in the brain are known to be the cause in a small proportion of epilepsy cases. Epilepsy or epilepsy is a condition that can make a person experience recurrent seizures. The type of orchid stem that can be used as epilepsy is Gastrodia elata.

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9. Encouraging Sperm Production

The type of orchid stem that can be used as a support for sperm production is Malaxis ocuminata.

The various benefits of the orchid stems above can be useful. To use it, always consult with health professionals and herbal medicine consultants to get the right information.