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Benefits of Egg Shells for Plants - Healthy T1ps

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Benefits of Egg Shells for Plants - Healthy T1ps

The benefits of egg shells for plants certainly exist. Basically eggs are one of the foods that have many nutrients. But lately there are a lot of fake egg eggs, meaning artificial eggs, not only that the eggs have recently become unhealthy eggs because of the way the chicken is spelled with medicine or injections and the like. This certainly has an impact on the content in the egg

In addition to useful eggs, it turns out that eggshells also have good benefits for maintaining a healthy body. Any benefits from eggs for plants are as follows.

Benefits Eggshell as decoration - Healthy T1ps

Egg shells are commonly used as decoration as for how to make ornaments from eggshells so that plants can be utilized are as follows

1. Plant hoods

Have you ever seen a plant with an egg on it? of course the plant becomes more attractive. Why should plants be made attractive? This is because when the plants are seen as attractive, it will be easier for them to be attracted to plants so they will want them to care for the plants more

2. Pot decoration

Not only plants that have to be decorated, pot decorations for plants are very necessary so that the owner pays more attention to the pots and attracts them to treat the plants in the pot.

Benefits of Egg Shells for Plants - Healthy T1ps
Benefits of Egg Shells for Plants - Healthy T1ps

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Benefits Egg Shells for Fertilizers - Healthy T1ps

The egg shell can be used for fertilizer. Who would have thought that these discarded skins had this much benefit. So how do you use egg shells for fertilizer? following the review

1. Egg shell with EM 4

EM 4 can be used to interfere with egg shells so that it can be used as plant fertilizer. The function of the egg and EM 4 concoction is to stimulate so that the flower of the prospective fruit or so-called seed is immediately aroused and can come out, besides also to load the fruit with sweet taste.

The way to use egg shells with EM 4 to make fertilizers that have the above functions is not difficult. Following are the steps
  • Prepare 1 liter of EM 4
  • Prepare 6 egg shells
  • Add 3 chicken egg yolks
  • Mix all the ingredients above and leave for 24 hours. This residence is useful for fermenting the above ingredients into fertilizer

When it has been fermented, use it by taking 1 tablespoon of the fertilizer and then mixing it with 5 liters of water. How to use it is enough to spray on the plants you want to fertilize.

Benefits Egg Shells for Fertilizers - Healthy T1ps
Benefits Egg Shells for Fertilizers - Healthy T1ps

2. Egg shells with Javanese sugar

To make this fertilizer is enough to prepare the ingredients below
  • Egg yolk 3 grains
  • 3 egg shells
  • Java sugar ula kg
  • ½ cup pure milk only
  • Mix the ingredients together and add about 30 liters of water. the function of this fertilizer is to be used to fertilize leaves or fruit to be fresher. How to use it also by spraying the results of artificial fertilizers into plants that will be given fertilizer.
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Utilization of both organic and chemical fertilizers is needed by trees or plants because the presence of fertilizers can help in the growth of these plants. The benefits of fertilizers are very diverse and numerous. In essence to fertilize plants.

That is the benefit of egg shells for plant decoration and also for fertilizer. Indeed, it is rare to use egg shells for fertilizer, most of them prefer to use egg shells to decorate ornamental plants. this article is expected to be able to take advantage of the benefits of eggshells for more plants.