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Benefits of Jatropha Leaves For Newborns, Fever and Bloating - Healthy T1ps

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Benefits of Jatropha Leaves For Newborns, Fever and Bloating - Healthy T1ps

Jatropha plants are usually used as hedgerows, including types of shrub plants that are still found easily in the countryside. Besides being a hedge plant, distance is also often extracted into castor oil which is very beneficial for health.

Jatropha is often used by leaves to overcome various health and disease problems. If the previous article has been reviewed regarding various benefits of Jatropha leaves for disease, this article will be specifically reviewed on some of the benefits of distance leaves for babies. Check out the review below.

The Amazing Of Health Benefits Of Jatropha Leaves - Healthy T1ps

1. Overcoming vaginal discharge on the tongue

The baby's tongue will usually appear white because the remaining remnants of milk are attached. To overcome this, castor leaves can be used by dripping the sap on the baby's tongue. Usually the vaginal discharge on the tongue will be removed together with saliva released by the baby.

2. Relieves fever in infants

Jatropha can also be used to treat babies who have fever, as well as the benefits of onion for babies. Fever which is usually an indication of other health problems can be overcome using distance leaves. How to use it is to wet the leaves of a clean distance, then tap on the forehead and the crown of the baby until the fever subsides.

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3. Overcoming flatulence

The benefits of this one leaf have been known for a long time, namely to treat a bloated stomach, including in babies similar to the benefits of sago for health. To get this property, jatropha leaves can be baked first until wilted. After wilting give a little coconut oil to the distance leaves, then paste the leaves above the little one's stomach to overcome flatulence.

4. Overcoming wounds or irritation

Baby skin that tends to be sensitive will usually easily experience irritation and abrasions, both due to friction with cloth clothing that is used, environment and others. As with the benefits of wasp oil for baby's skin, jatropha leaves can overcome the wounds or irritation that is experienced. The trick is to pound the distance leaves until soft, then apply to the problematic skin then it will heal after some time.

Benefits of Jatropha Leaves For Newborns, Fever and Bloating - Healthy T1ps
Benefits of Jatropha Leaves For Newborns, Fever and Bloating - Healthy T1ps

5. Treating colds experienced

In addition to treating fever, the benefits of distance leaves for babies can also treat colds experienced by babies. When a baby enters the wind, it will certainly make parents worry, because it will definitely fuss endlessly. To deal with colds, castor leaves can be cleaned and then roasted over the fire until wilted. After that, cover the castor leaves with a little eucalyptus oil, then attach them to the baby's back, abdomen and chest.

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6. Overcoming diarrhea experienced by babies

Diarrhea is also one type of health disorder that is quite often experienced by babies. Slightly different from the benefits of pomegranates for children, jatropha leaves can cure diarrhea experienced by the baby. How to use it is also easy, namely by applying the distance leaves with coconut oil. After that, bake on the fire until the distance leaves appear wilted, then the distance leaves are placed on the upper abdomen until the diarrhea experienced subsides.

Many are not benefits? Some of the benefits of distance leaves for babies above can also be applied to adults, to overcome the same health problems or overcome other disorders. May be useful.