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Must Know This Is the Effect That Occurs After Drinking Soda in the Body

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Must Know This Is the Effect That Occurs After Drinking Soda in the Body - Healthy T1ps

Cold fizzy drinks sipped on a hot day must be very refreshing. However, if you drink too much it is certainly not good.

The high sugar content in soft drinks is not too good for the body. Therefore, you better cool yourself with water if you need rehydration.

Launching Reader's Digest on Sunday (10/28/2018), when you consume soft drinks, there are many things that occur in the body one hour after consuming them. In the first 10 to 15 minutes, the intestines will drain sugar into your blood. This increases glucose levels.

This happens quickly. Some organs in the body will work very hard so that the body can process the sugar.

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After that, the pancreas will release insulin to help transport sugar (which is carbohydrate) to the muscle as energy. However, the soda contains more sugar than the muscle needs.

"When someone consumes 20 ounces of soda, they get a whole carbohydrate load of food through fluids," explained Endocrinologist and Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Chicago Medicine, Meltem Zeytinoglu.
Must Know This Is the Effect That Occurs After Drinking Soda in the Body - Healthy T1ps

"In most cases, soda is consumed alongside large meals, so additional carbohydrates need to be processed. This extra sugar, instead of being stored in muscle tissue, is converted to fat in the liver," Meltem added.

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The kidneys also play a role in this process. They help remove excess sugar through urine. That means, the body will lose water along with the diuretic effect of caffeine in soda and increase the risk of dehydration. So, according to Meltem, sugar and caffeine in soda is an unhealthy combination.

However, you don't need to really avoid soda. According to nutritionists in Los Angeles, Cordialis Msora-Kasago, the most important thing is to control portions.

"Every now and then soda won't have a significant impact on health. The problem is if it becomes a habit. Look for non-calorie drinks that you can enjoy like ice tea, water, and infused water," he added.