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6 Benefits of Oven Garlic to Maintain Health - Healthy T1ps

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The Latest Of 6 Benefits of Oven Garlic to Maintain Health - Healthy T1ps

The benefits of oven garlic can reduce high blood pressure, this is almost the same as raw onion consumption as usual. Garlic oven is one of the alternative solutions for those who don't like the overpowering smell of garlic. The content of vitamins, natural compounds in the oven garlic can be relied upon in the treatment process.

One traditional medicine that is used because it has economic value and is able to reduce the effect of using chemical drugs that have more side effects than natural medicines. The various benefits of garlic oven are as follows

1. Reducing Blood Pressure

The relationship between garlic and lowering blood pressure has been proven by several research studies. garlic has the effect of reducing the systolic blood pressure number by 5-8 mm Hg. Another matter with the benefits of oven garlic dayak onions is that it can show a decrease in the rate of lower blood pressure (diastolic) but the decrease is not large enough to be called significant.

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2. Maintaining Heart Health

Cardiovascular disease can be prevented by consuming oven garlic. Linus Pauling Institute Reveals that oven garlic can reduce high cholesterol by inhibiting cholesterol synthesis by the liver even though this study still needs further strengthening studies such as the benefits of fresh garlic. The anti-inflammatory properties of garlic can reduce blood clotting so that it can prevent various risks of other diseases related to the heart.
The Latest Of 6 Benefits of Oven Garlic to Maintain Health - Healthy T1ps
The Latest Of 6 Benefits of Oven Garlic to Maintain Health - Healthy T1ps

3. Prevent Cancer

The solution to cancer natural and protection against disease can be done by consuming onion oven. Very high levels of antioxidants, sulfur (sulfur) compounds contained in garlic will act directly on poisons and carcinogens while helping the body to dispose of them before causing damage in the body. and apoptotosis which is a process of inducing destruction of cancer cells

4. Improve the immune system in the body

Like the benefits of single garlic. White blood cells in the body are immune cells that can provide protection against infection. Garlic oven can stimulate white blood cells namely lymphocytes, monocytes, macrophages and neutrophils by increasing glutathione. While glutathione in oven garlic is an antioxidant that can protect immune cells from free radicals in the air.

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5. Preventing infection

Allicin compounds and sulfur-containing compounds in garlic ovens can inhibit RNA, DNA and also the production of proteins in microbes such as the benefits of shallots. In baked garlic it has anti-microbial effects on yeast, bacteria, parasites, fungi and also viruses that can prevent various infections that will attack the body due to inflammation or injury.

6. Maintain Oral Health

Garlic oven can be used to treat oral infections such as canker sores, periodontitis and mouth area pain as a result of using dentures. Other things with the benefits of garlic, Arabian onions as mentioned before have anti-bacterial properties. The bacteria on dental plaques will be dangerous if not handled seriously. In addition, Garlic can be used in conjunction with antibiotics or to treat bacteria that are resistant to various drugs. The content of Allicin in garlic will fight bacteria by inhibiting enzymes that help bacteria to continue to grow and develop.

The various benefits of oven garlic are a method used to overcome the odor found in raw garlic. May be useful.