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Easy Ways to Lose Weight: 10 Daily Tasks that Burn Calories

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Easy Ways to Lose Weight: 10 Daily Tasks that Burn Calories - Healthy T1ps

Exercising doesn't have to mean sweating in the gym every day. Did you know that playing with children for one hour and cutting grass for 30 minutes can burn up to 500 calories? And there are many other easy ways to lose weight without trying. Check out our great guide on how to burn calories with these simple daily activities.

10 Easy Ways To Lose Weight Without Going To The Gym:

1. Window Cleaning - 250kcal / hourClean the window

According to a new infographic from, cleaning your window can burn between 170-250 calories per hour - that's equivalent to two bags of chips!

Burn more calories: Affirm your movements to maximize stretching, and try squatting each time you bend to dip the sponge into your water bucket.

2. Hot shower - 126kcal / hour in hot water
Loughborough University experts say that just lying in a bathtub with a temperature of 40 degrees can be more effective than cycling for burning calories and lowering blood sugar!

The science behind it is that by raising your body temperature, hot shock proteins are released, which in turn lowers blood sugar levels. For the sake of losing weight, soaking for more than 30 minutes or even up to 1 hour can be the best reason we can use soaking in a longer tub. What was an obstacle at the time was, did anyone ever spend more than an hour in a bathtub at 40 degrees? You can imagine yourself how it will be.
Easy Ways to Lose Weight: 10 Daily Tasks that Burn Calories - Healthy T1ps
Easy Ways to Lose Weight: 10 Daily Tasks that Burn Calories - Healthy T1ps
In addition, soaking in hot water has other benefits such as controlling our blood sugar. For example, when you want to eat food after a hot bath can help reduce blood sugar spikes that often occur when we finish eating.

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This should be the most relaxing way to lose weight without the hassle.

3. Laughter - 78kcal / hour

Believe it or not, laughter will burn more than one calorie per minute. It sounds like a small amount, but think of it like this: Funny comedy that lasts half an hour, and you're guaranteed to laugh for the most part! 30 calories per episode is not bad at all, and it gives you another reason to watch other comedies. But remember not to bring your laugh into your daily habits even though without any funny circumstances, your fear will be said to be in a less sane manner.

Burn your fat more by watching a stand-up comedy which can make you laugh with a calm mind and all the calories in your body will burn perfectly and the result is your weight will decrease without the hassle.

4. Gardening - 416kcal / hour

As explained earlier, gardening not only provides financial effects, but also can provide health benefits to the body. One of them is by burning excess calories in your body. You never waste your gardening activities by relaxing or just lazing.

Examples of activities that can burn fat you need to try are like cutting grass. Cutting grass for 1 hour can burn 325 calories, which is the same as the HIIT 20 minute class.

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5. Walk - 185 kcal / hour

We all know that walking is very good for our body than we use advanced iron such as buses or private cars. But when we think how many calories can we burn by walking in 1 hour every day? It is definitely worth the extra effort taken in an intense diet program.

If you want to benefit more from walking to burn more calories, you can add small weights such as canned food to your favorite bag or objects you want to bring with you (this is optional).

6. Cycling - 300 kcal / hour

Riding a bicycle can be one of the more fun ways to burn calories. Invite children to ride on a leisurely Sunday to get fresh air from the green environment, family time will be more quality - and sports that you really enjoy.

Choose a route that has a slight slope to increase durability. The road continues to the higher ground like a hill or so on. Don't forget to always enjoy your relaxed bicycle so that your mind is not burdened.

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7. Ironing - 171 kcal / hour
One of the housework that sometimes makes everyone bored with the activity, it turns out can have a positive effect on the body to burn excess calories, you know.

To get maximum results in burning fat with this ironing activity, you can combine squat movements while standing. But we strongly recommend not doing it when there are many people, because this will make you look weird.

8. Washing Dishes - 171 kcal / hour
Washing dishes in the household can be a positive thing you need to try in burning your body's calories. In 1 hour of washing dishes, you can burn about 171 calories in the body. But we don't expect that you will do dishwashing for 1 hour every day because it is a tedious and tiring thing.

9. Car Wash - 343 kcal / hour

Sometimes these trivial activities are often overlooked and use the services of others. Start to change that because you do car washing activities, not only do you get calories burned, but also you can save your money, hehe. Not the intention of heart stingy, but car washing activities can have a positive effect on the health of the body that not many Indonesians know about this.

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10. Playing with Children - 231 kcal / hour
The activity of playing with children not only gives an effect on emotional closeness, you know, it turns out that with us playing chases or anything with the baby can help burn fat more than 200 calories per hour. So, you can imagine if you do this fun activity more than 1 hour every day.

Do activities or games that require more energy to be able to increase the process of burning calories in the body.

Information about how to lose weight without the need to go to the Gym is quoted from which you can do at home or your home environment in a fun and easy way. Hopefully this information can help you lose weight and get your ideal weight.