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Here are 10 Ways To Make Facial Make Up Look More Natural - Healthy T1ps

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Here are 10 Ways To Make Facial Make Up Look More Natural - Healthy T1ps

Makeup or dressing up is one way that women do to make it look more attractive, bright and fresh. But unfortunately, how to make makeup that is wrong and too excessive will actually eliminate the impression and will actually make your face look menor even "fake". That is why there are many women who prefer to apply makeup with a natural impression so that the results do not look too far from their original face shape, but still display results that are more beautiful and attractive.

Then how do you make make-up that produces that natural impression? Consider the following ways.

1. Adjust to Face Shape
There are various types of human faces: oval, heart shaped, square, round, and long. For each of these face shapes, the way to make up is also different. For round faces, for example. You cannot make the same facial contour with an oval face because the results will look strange and not suitable especially on the cheeks. The shape of the lips and eyes of each woman also varies. Some have thin lips, but some have lips that look full. There are also women who have slanted eyes and some are wide-eyed. For each face shape of this kind, different ways of makeup are needed so that the results look more suitable and natural.

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2. Always Start with Facial Cleansing
Each will begin to apply makeup, making sure that you always wash your face first. Because washing your face cleanly will sweep away all the dirt that is on the surface of the face so that the make up will further glue perfectly. Use face wash soap that matches your skin type. After you wash your face with soap, it's a good idea to continue cleaning your face by using toner so that your face is cleaner from the remnants of dirt. Because sometimes washing your face with soap is not enough. Especially if you have just been exercising or doing activities outside the home.

3. Apply Moisturizer
Using a mild moisturizer on the face can eliminate the greasy impression when you apply more dense makeup ingredients such as concealer or foundation. We recommend using a water-based moisturizer because this type of moisturizer is very light and prevents clogging in the pores of the facial skin. In addition, water-based moisturizers are also very safe and suitable for all skin types.

4. Use a Foundation with the same Color as Skin Color
The right foundation color to use is a color that really resembles the color of your skin. You can apply it with your fingers or with a sponge. But for a more natural impression, it's a good idea to use your fingers to flatten the foundation because using a sponge will make it a little thicker. Wipe the foundation from the inside to the outside to get good results. And if the foundation is not enough to cover acne scars, you should use concealer so that the results are more perfect.

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5. Choose Powder that suits your skin type and apply as thin as possible
You can use powder or solid powder to coat your facial skin with a foundation. But wait a few minutes after the foundation dries so that the results are more perfect. Or you can combine both: use powder first and then refined with solid powder. For more natural results, use the same color powder as the skin color or a level lower than the foundation color you use. So that the powder is flat and does not accumulate, use a powder brush to sweep your entire face.

6. Use the Eye Shadow with a Soft Color
The choice of eye shadow is an important factor in determining whether your face makeup will look natural or not. Natural impressions will be obtained if you use neutral and soft colored shadows like light brown, orange or pink. So avoid using stronger colors like dark purple or blue. You can actually apply two colors of eye shadow at once. But for more natural results, you only need to use one color. Use a brush or sponge eye shadow to apply it to the eyelids or you can also use your own fingers to get more even and thinner results.

7. Draw eyebrows with natural eyebrow pencils as possible
Not all women are blessed with bushy, flat and regular eyebrows. That's why drawing eyebrows to make them look neater and beautiful is one of the mandatory steps to make up. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a woman to actually shave her entire brow hair and replace it with an eyebrow image. Even though this will make the face become far from natural. You should not need to shave too much eyebrow hair. You just need to tidy it up and then follow the brow hairline when drawing the outside. Then color the inside and trim it using a brush. Use an eyebrow pencil in black so that your eyebrows look more prominent and natural.

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8. Simple Eye Liner Pulses
Eye liners consist of various types. You can use liquid eye liners, gels, or sticks or pencils to make a natural make-up impression. It's just that, if you want to be applied to daily makeup you should use an eye liner in the form of a pencil because this type of eye liner is the strongest to give a natural impression to your eyes. The disadvantage is that pencil eye liners are not as durable as other eye liners. But this is not a big problem because you can rub it again if the color fades. If you are very well trained using the eye liner, it never hurts to try to use a liquid eye liner because this type of eye liner is indeed more difficult to apply than if you use a stick or pencil.
Here are 10 Ways To Make Facial Make Up Look More Natural - Healthy T1ps
Here are 10 Ways To Make Facial Make Up Look More Natural - Healthy T1ps
9. Give Touch to Eyelashes
You don't need to feel less confident if your eyelashes look short and few. Eyelash clips will help you to get lashes that look neater, thicker and more pliable and the results will look more natural than if you use mascara. But now there are many brands of mascara that can give a natural impression and do not look "heavy" when applied to eyelashes. Mascara with Korean cosmetics brands might be tried. But if you are not sure to use mascara, just using an eyelash curler is enough and will look more natural. A few tips, you should soak it in warm water for a moment to clamp your lashes before using them so that the results look more perfect.

10. Choose Lipstick
The lipstick that you should use is lipstick that matches the color of your skin and the shape of your lips. Not all lipsticks will be suitable to be applied to your lips. For a natural impression, you should choose a lipstick with a color that does not contrast with the skin color and can be seen to blend with the color of your facial skin and the powder you use. For the type of lipstick used, you should use lipstick in the form of sticks or solids. Avoid applying too much or thick lipstick because it will give the impression of menor and excessive. If you have already smeared too much lipstick on the lips, pinch the sheet of paper between the two lips. This will also make your lips look more natural.

That's 10 ways to make up that will give a natural impression on your face. How to make up like this is very easy and suitable to be applied everyday. Good luck!