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This, the benefits of hedgehog feathers for pregnant women that you should know

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This, the benefits of hedgehog feathers for pregnant women that you should know - Healthy T1ps

Porcupine is one type of animal that has a unique feather. Unlike animals in general, which have feathers like fibers that have soft fur, this animal's fur is long and rucing has a hard texture. This is nothing but feathers on porcupines are used as self-defense for porcupines themselves in predatory animals.

This sharp porcupine feather is certainly very dangerous if it is impaled on humans or other living creatures because the porcupine feathers themselves contain poison which is located on the tip of its blackish fur.

Porcupine fur is often used in everyday life, some benefits for everyday life will be more focused in discussing porcupine feathers for maternal pregnancy to look after the mother and fetus.

This, the benefits of hedgehog feathers for pregnant women that you should know - Healthy T1ps
This, the benefits of hedgehog feathers for pregnant women that you should know
In addition to the defense of the porcupine itself, it turns out that porcupine feathers also have benefits for humans, one of which is pregnant women. In this discussion we will discuss the benefits of porcupine feathers for pregnant women.
  1. Maintaining Pregnancy in a fetus with porcupine feathers - Under conditions of pregnancy a mother will definitely protect her pregnancy to keep her baby safe and healthy. In Indonesian society, porcupine feathers are often used by pregnant women as talismans.
  2. Talismans for baby safety - Many people believe in these talismans with hedgehog feathers, there is a belief from the public that what can disrupt the safety of pregnancy is not from this nature but also the genie, therefore the use of porcupine feathers as charms is often used.
  3. The contents of poisons protect themselves - In addition to the beliefs used are used as a talisman to protect from the interference of spirits or jinn in ancient times also used to protect themselves from bad people when traveling. This is certainly due to the content of the poison found on the tip of the blackish hedgehog's thorns. 
  4. To reject balak during this modern era - In conditions in modern times porcupine feathers also still exist to be used as a refuse for pregnant women. Examples such as those that occur in West Java tribes where the existing cultural conditions or local wisdom are very well maintained, one of which is to use or carry porcupine feathers as well as a few cloves of garlic when they are going to travel wherever they are pregnant.
  5. Keeping from spirits to fetuses - The trust that is there to carry porcupine feathers while pregnant is intended to keep the fetus or prospective baby from being eaten by kuyang. The trust that is there if it's not obeyed, someone will experience bad things because there are many people who still maintain kuyang (spirits). The trust that is there alone is food from kuyang, namely the fetus.
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That is the benefit of porcupine feathers for pregnant women. Although in some areas it still believes in porcupine feathers as an antidote so that it is not disturbed by spirits, we should also believe in the Almighty God to always be given protection and avoid all danger.

In the modern era it is now better to keep babies by always eating healthy foods such as eating foods that contain lots of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, and other vitamins and various nutrients that are needed for babies. This will be more effective in maintaining the health of the baby than believing in superstitious things like that.