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10 Easy Tips for Caring for a Korean Face - Healthy T1ps

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10 Easy Tips for Caring for a Korean Face - Healthy T1ps

Caring for your face every day is very important, especially for women. We may have only applied the simplest ways to treat our face or the term skin care routine. But because the trend of Korean-style beauty products began to endemic in the country, inevitably you also have to know and take part in doing Korean-style facial care. And that will change your habits in treating your face.

In fact, treating a Korean-style face for some people will sound complicated. But don't give up easily when you find it difficult to run Korean facial treatments, because there are easy ways to overcome them. Apply 10 simple tips for treating this face. Similar to Korean-style treatments, but you won't feel complicated.

1. Clean Your Face with a Cleanser / Make Up Remover

After waking up, make it a habit to clean your face using a cleanser, it can be a milk cleanser or other type. Because all night you use night cream, it is only natural if you remove the rest of the night cream that sticks to your face before taking a shower.

Similarly, after a day of activities, you must delete your makeup. Removing it can use a cleanser or make up remover, and clean it thoroughly until the rest of the make up is lifted from the face.

2. Choose Face Soap According to Skin Type
You need to know what your skin type really is. Is your skin dry, normal or oily? Do not let the wrong choice of face soap, because if it gets wrong, you will be harmed. For oily skin, do not use facial soaps that contain moisturizing face. This will only make the oily skin's face runny, small pimples appear.

For dry skin, avoid using lemon soap. What is there is that the face of the dry skin will only become more dry and scaly.

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3. Use Toners After Face Soap
In Korean-style facial care, toner has a function as a very effective liquid to close the pores of the face and tighten the skin. Then it's time you change the habit of using toner after cleanser. Use toner after washing your face with facial soap, by pouring toner onto the cotton and patting it slowly into the face.

4. Always Available for Acne Treatment Products
Actually no one can avoid acne, because for women who are in their menstrual period, the appearance of acne is a common thing to happen. So from that time it is time for you to always provide a small acne medicine, so that when a pimple suddenly appears, you can directly smear the point of acne with the drug.
10 Easy Tips for Caring for a Korean Face - Healthy T1ps
10 Easy Tips for Caring for a Korean Face - Healthy T1ps
5. Exfoliator is an Important Product

Exfoliator or facial peeling you must have, because lifting dead skin cells needs to be done at least once a week. Choose peeling products that suit your skin and avoid choosing the type of peeling that has a texture that is too rough, because it will hurt the skin. Do not peel the face too often, because if too often, your face will be thinner and peeled off. At least once a week, but if absolutely necessary, do it twice a week.

6. Facial Masks After Peeling

When you peel or lift dead skin cells on your face, of course the facial pores will open. Get used to using a face mask after peeling so that the facial pores are more closed. Currently there are many mask products from Korea that are used only once after they are discarded. But if you want to save, buy a mask that can be used repeatedly, and usually this type of mask can be a cream, powder, or gel.

7. Night Cream Is Important
Try to start using night cream regularly, especially if you have a dry skin type. Night cream will nourish and provide overnight moisture on your dry skin, and you will feel a fresh and supple sensation on your face after waking up. Of course not only dry skin types that need to use night cream, but this applies to all skin types. Night cream will work to improve the skin of your face at night when you rest.

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8. Serum Improves Skin, Not Moisturizing
Many mistakenly interpret serum as one type of moisturizer that has a high price. In fact, serum work is certainly more important and bigger than moisturizing. Serum works to improve the skin, shrink pores so that the skin becomes better. Indeed, if seen, it looks like it is moisturizing on the surface, even though the deepest layer of skin is the focus of facial serum work.

9. Face Moisturizer in the Morning

Not only at night, moisturizing the face is also needed in the morning. Use a moisturizer before using makeup in the morning, so that your facial skin is always moist. The makeup results will be more perfectly attached if you apply moisturizer to the face, even facial moisturizers can reduce the irritating effects caused by the use of a make up product.

10. Sunscreen Before Moisturizing in the Morning
Apply sunscreen to all face surfaces first, before applying other products to the face. After that you can add moisturizers and other products such as make up products. Do not underestimate the use of sunscreen, because sunlight will have an adverse effect on your face. Not only does it look more dull and dark, sunlight will also attack the inner layers of your skin, such as causing wrinkles to appear too fast.

In addition to paying attention to the right facial care, the pattern of life must also be kept so that our faces stay healthy and bright. The habit of drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day is also proven effective in moisturizing the face, as well as regular exercise. Avoid eating fried foods too much if you don't want pimples to appear on your face.