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4 Benefits of Pare Chips for Health

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The Amazing Of Health Benefits Pare Chips - Healthy T1ps

Ever heard of Mak Kriwul? mak kriwul is one of the types of pare chips made in the Sidoharjo area which is an example of empowering women in the Sidoarjo region especially those in the Sidokumpul village. This woman deliberately made an association to make kripik pare.

Why did they choose kripik pare? Are there many benefits to chips? We have previously discussed the benefits of eel bitter melon, the benefits of bitter melon, the benefits of chicken bitter melon and the benefits of other bitter melon. Indeed, bitter melon is currently popular because of its considerable benefits.

The reason for making these chips is because they used to consume bitter melon made by their parents, so they took the initiative to make food from bitter melon, namely making kripik pare, but who would have thought that the pare chips were very popular in the market. In addition, pare chips also contain many unexpected benefits for the health of our body. Let's look at the following explanation:

Benefits Eat Pare Chips For Health - Healthy T1ps

1. Kill cancer cells
Cancer cells do have to be dealt with quickly, if they cannot cause new problems that will cause the cancer to a more advanced stage. If the stage of cancer is advanced it will be more difficult to overcome it.

For that, before getting cancer or before the cancer reaches deeper into the body, it is better from now on, often consuming bitter melon to help kill cancer cells.

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The Amazing Of Health Benefits Pare Chips - Healthy T1ps
2. Reducing sugar levels

High levels of sugar can cause diabetes, this diabetes is caused by a large amount of sugar intake in the body. Whereas in this bitter melon it is not more sugar but the bitter taste that soars it will be easier to reduce the sugar level in the body if you consume more of this pare chips. Kripik Pare is a healthy, inexpensive snack so don't hesitate to buy these chips so that you also feel the benefits

3. Fat breakers
In addition to overcoming sugar levels, it can also be used to break down fat in the body so that it will make the body healthier and overcome toxins in the body when the fat is not broken down.

4. For beauty
There have been many who have proven that bitter melon can make a positive impact on beauty, by consuming this bitter melon will help to make the skin healthier and will look brighter glow.

That is the benefit that you can get from eating bitter melon chips, of course these pare chips have been mixed specifically so as not to give too much bitter taste but still have good properties for the body.

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This method of making kripik pare mak kriwil is very easy but useful, see the following explanation:

  • Take some beans (just to try)
  • Peel and pare and clean the inside and outside
  • Cut the bitter melon thinly
  • Soak salt water for approximately 1 night
  • If you have, prepare the flour in the morning
  • Prepare seasoning
  • Prepare oil
  • Then mix the tincture of bitter melon soaked in salt water overnight and mix with flour and seasoning
  • Fry it dry

Why should it be soaked with salt water before? this aims to reduce the bitter taste in bitter melon but does not reduce the content. Even the price of this pare chips can be said to be very cheap, with only 12k you can bring home the chips with a weight of 60grams. Healthy is not expensive right? so good luck.