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5 Causes of a Fat Body That Women Don't Realize

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Best Of 5 Causes of a Fat Body That Women Don't Realize - Healthy T1ps

Ladies, without normal metabolism, we will not have enough energy to get out of bed in the morning and burn calories throughout the day. However, despite many benefits, metabolism is often accused of being the main cause of weight gain.

due to metabolism it is often accused of being a factor in increasing body weight, there are many myths, which cause pleasure or even a woman to deny it. Here's the review,

Myth 1: Thin People Have Higher Metabolic Levels

There are many thin people who seem to eat whatever they want without consequences to the waist. One gets the impression that they have a higher level of burning calories. But, in fact, thin people have a slower 'resting metabolism', the rate at which calories are burned during rest (sleep).

A high resting metabolic rate is more noticed by most people. But, don't be happy first ladies, someone who is not overweight also speeds up the body's metabolism, but muscle mass. That is why it is very important to combine physical exercise with a healthy diet.

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Myth 2: Skipping Eating Slows Metabolism
Almost everyone, who wants to lose a few pounds of weight, can be advised to eat more often. It is said that every 3-4 hours can help speed up metabolism. In fact, the metabolic rate does not depend on how often a person eats.

The eating method is based on a completely different principle. The more we eat, the less we feel hungry. In addition, this is useful as prevention of cholentiasis. Eating foods with frequency will often help if you eat smaller portions.

Myth 3: All Foods Eaten at Night Changed
By all means someone tries to avoid dinner because they have the belief that this food automatically turns into fat. In fact, fat formation is very dependent on various aspects, including hormones, food ingredients, and energy levels, which shows how a person's body uses it as 'fuel'.

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Unfortunately, a simple refusal to eat food at night does not help you to prevent fat accumulation. Instead of focusing on eating time, try paying more attention to what and how much you eat. Eating junk food at night is as dangerous as your waist, such as eating in the morning and during the day.

Myth 4: Metabolism is the Calorie Burning and Digestion Level

Many people think of metabolism as a term that means the calorie burning rate. In fact, it consists of two components. Calorie burning rate is determined by catabolism.

Best Of 5 Causes of a Fat Body That Women Don't Realize - Healthy T1ps
Best Of 5 Causes of a Fat Body That Women Don't Realize - Healthy T1ps
But there is also anabolism, which is the accumulation of energy in the form of chemical bonds used for the future, including carbohydrates and fats. Normal metabolism is the balance of the two functions.

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Myth 5: You Can't Control Metabolism
When a person faces unwanted weight gain, it is very tempting to relate it to a slow metabolism. But, don't think that we have no control over the process. For example, one of the easiest ways to speed up metabolism is by building muscle through regular exercise. Also, you can keep your sleep longer, drink plenty of water, consume caffeine, and get enough protein.

How are you, ladies? Do you still believe in the myths about metabolism above?