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5 of the Most Popular Healthy Juice Recipes in 2019 - Healthy T1ps

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5 of the Most Popular Healthy Juice Recipes in 2019 - Healthy T1ps

Processing fruits and vegetables into healthy juice drinks is increasingly popular with many people. Of course the increasing popularity of processed juice is not only because of the delicious and fresh taste. Attractive appearance as well as how to create an easy alias is also another supporting factor.

All fruit and vegetable ingredients have extraordinary health benefits to maintain body condition.   In fact, there are several types of healthy juice recipes that are effective for treating ailments or mild health disorders.

Popular juice recipes

For those of you who are just learning to make juice, you may still have difficulties in practicing various healthy drink recipes from this blog.

Therefore, we always try to improve the information that we present. All types of responses in the form of criticism, suggestions and recipe requests can you channel through the admin contact page that has been provided.

We will not be able to develop so far without support, support and input from readers. Thank you for the amazing 2019.

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The Most Popular Assorted Juice Recipes in 2019

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1 # Beet Root
Beetroot root, known as beetroot, contains fairly complete vitamins and minerals. You can get various health benefits if you diligently consume these red fruit preparations. Greetings, one benefit is to destroy cancer cells and tumor cells in the body.

Carrot juice mixed with beetroot
Ingredients :
picture of red beet juice
1 medium size beet
1 carrot
2 tablespoons of sugar syrup

How to make :
Wash both the ingredients above, peel and cut into pieces. Add it to the juicer.
The process until the juice comes out.
Pour into a glass, add sugar syrup if necessary. Serve immediately.
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# 2 Carrot Vegetable Juice
This vegetable is famous for its high vitamin A content so it is good for maintaining eye health. But do you know, there are many benefits of carrots in addition to the organs of vision?

Mix tomato carrot juice
Ingredients :
picture of tomato carrot juice
75 grams of carrots
100 grams of red tomatoes
1 tablespoon honey
1 cup of boiled water

How to make :
Cut tomatoes and carrots and put them in a blender glass with boiled water.
Process a few moments until evenly mixed.
Pour into a glass, add honey. Stir and serve.
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# 3 Red Tomato Juice
A study found that tomatoes contain a rare antioxidant compound called lycopene. The usefulness of these antioxidants is being able to treat heart health and effectively treat prostate, lung, and stomach cancer. Not only that, tomatoes are also widely used as a mixture of juice recipes to overcome the problem of obesity (healthy diet).

Carrot orange tomato juice
Ingredients :
picture of red tomato juice
1 red tomato
1 fresh carrot
1 sweet orange fruit
10 ml of water res

How to process:
After washing thoroughly, put all ingredients into a blender.
Process until smooth.
Strain the juice, pour it into a glass then serve it while it's cold.
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5 of the Most Popular Healthy Juice Recipes in 2019 - Healthy T1ps

# 4 Sweet Orange Juice
Not only vitamin C is beneficial for health, the content of flavonoids and bioflavonoids in citrus fruits is also efficacious for anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, antiviral, anticancer and antioxidants. Consumption of 1 sweet orange will meet 116.2% of daily vitamin C intake needed by the body.

Original sweet orange juice
Ingredients :
picture of orange juice
1 sweet orange fruit
1 tablespoon of lime juice

How to make :
Cut the sweet orange transversely and squeeze the water.
Mix sweet orange juice with lime juice, mix well and serve.
You can add pieces of ice cubes so that the juice feels fresher.

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# 5 Avocado Fruit Juice
Avocado is rich in antioxidants and important nutrients that are proven to be good for internal beauty therapy. Not only that, the presence of provitamin A in avocados is used to overcome anemia (lack of blood) by helping the red blood cell regeneration process.

Avocado juice mixed with oranges
Ingredients :
picture of avocado juice
2 avocados
200 ml of sweet orange juice

How to make :
Choose medium size avocado, take the fruit and put it in a blender.
Add sweet orange juice and process until smooth.
Prepare a serving glass, pour the avocado juice into it.