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8 Type Bad Habits That Can Slowly Make You Fat - Healthy T1ps

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Must Know! These 8 Bad Habits Can Make You Slowly Fat - Healthy T1ps

Hobbies of eating in large portions and lazy sports can certainly make fat. Besides that, there are also small things that are unexpectedly able to make weight gain soar, you know!

1. Eat too fast

Tempo eating too fast can make you eat more. Because the brain takes 15-20 minutes to send a full signal and instructs the body to stop eating.

2. Work before eating
Busy in front of a computer on an empty stomach will make it difficult for you to resist the urge to snack while working or 'revenge' at the next meal.

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3. Lack of activity
A survey in the United Kingdom states that we have the opportunity to eat more when we are bored than when we are stressed. So, let's look for activities before already overdone.

Must Know! These 8 Bad Habits Can Make You Slowly Fat - Healthy T1ps
Must Know! These 8 Bad Habits Can Make You Slowly Fat - Healthy T1ps

4. Often order food online
The ease of this service makes us diligently order food online. Be careful, not only make a thin wallet, this habit can also make fat because you eat extra calories.

5. Incorrect slang
Research published in the New England Journal of Medicine states that having a partner, friend, or relative who is overweight can increase the risk of obesity by 37-57%!

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6. Hobbies using high heels
Even the most comfortable high heels will not make the wearer move to a lot of walking. Better to choose flat shoes or snickers so you don't hesitate to move actively all day.

7. Incorrect choice of clothes
Research at the University of Wisconsin states that casual clothing makes people more physically active than when wearing formal clothes. But, it's impossible to force to appear casual when the profession requires wearing formal clothes?

8. Hobbies watch serials in a marathon
Happy staying up late watching Drakor? Be careful, this activity can increase the desire to snack. The condition of not getting enough sleep also increases the production of ghrelin (appetite stimulating hormone) and decreases the production of leptin (appetite suppressing hormone) so that the risk of fat increases.