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Drink Turmeric Lemon Water Every Morning, What are the Benefits?

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Drink Turmeric Lemon Water Every Morning, What are the Benefits?

Try to make something new for your morning health drink? Come on, try making warm lemon water mixed with this rich turmeric. In addition to giving a different taste, this drink also contains more benefits for the body.

Reporting from, turmeric is a supplement that is rich in benefits. Turmeric also contains the chemical compound curcuminoid and also curcumin which contains antioxidants and anti-inflammation. This compound can also help the body more easily absorb other antioxidants. In addition, turmeric can also prevent cardiovascular disease and kill most types of cancer cells. Not only that, turmeric can also relieve stress and is very good for dealing with health problems.

Now, let's try to make lemon turmeric water. Unique turmeric flavor can reduce sour lemon taste. In addition, this drink also provides freshness and is suitable to be enjoyed in the morning.

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The Amazing Of Drinking Tumeric Lemon Water For Health


  • 1/4 lemon
  • 1/2 tsp turmeric powder
  • warm water
  • honey (if you like)

Health Benefits Of Drink Tumeric Lemon - HEALTHY T1PS
Health Benefits Of Drink Tumeric Lemon - HEALTHY T1PS

How to make:
Add turmeric powder in a glass. Add warm water, mix well. Then add honey to the flavor enhancer. So that the turmeric powder doesn't settle, don't forget to stir this drink first before enjoying it.

Oh yes, it should be noted to ensure that the ingredients in this drink are well received by your body. If you are on a diet, taking medication, or have certain health problems, make sure you consult with a health expert before making this drink as your daily consumption.

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When you start, you can use a little turmeric powder first. You can adjust it to your needs and tastes. Good luck, Ladies!