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Get to know the benefits and side effects of Aloe Vera - Healthy T1ps

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You Must know the benefits and side effects of Aloe Vera - Healthy T1ps

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It's no secret that the benefits of aloe vera are often used as ingredients and recipes for beauty and health. There are many products that use aloe vera as a basic ingredient. Even in addition to consumption of beauty products, natural use is also often done related to aloe vera ingredients.

Aloe vera has several highly nutritious ingredients including protein, fat, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins A, B1, and C. With these various ingredients, the benefits of aloe vera that can be found include accelerating the process of wound healing , reduce inflammation in acne, especially stone pimples, cool the stomach, especially for those who suffer from stomach ulcers and stomach acid, nourish hair, and make it more shiny and soft.

Other benefits of aloe vera are improving the immune system, eradicating dental plaque and oral antiseptics, helping the detoxification process, speeding up the metabolic process, maintaining cardiovascular health, sources of amino acids for the body which can help increase muscle mass, and others.
You Must know the benefits and side effects of Aloe Vera - Healthy T1ps
You Must know the benefits and side effects of Aloe Vera - Healthy T1ps

Apparently, from the myriad of aloe vera benefits that you can get, there are side effects that turn out to be not good too when used not in place or overused. Some of them are as follows:

Skin Allergy
Apparently, not everyone has a match with aloe vera. For some people who have sensitive skin, they will usually experience itching, rashes, and red spots on the skin that can even expand not only to the area smeared with aloe vera. For those of you who want to know whether your skin is sensitive to aloe vera or not, you can find out by applying aloe vera sap to the back of the ear. If you feel itchy or sore, you can be sure you have an allergy to aloe vera.

Eating aloe vera meat can cool the stomach, but this does not apply to everyone. In certain people, actually consuming aloe vera can cause diarrhea. Because, aloe vera contains anthraquinone which is one of its functions as a natural laxative. But in certain situations, these substances can cause diarrhea and digestive disorders.

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Reducing Blood Sugar Levels
Another side effect of the benefits of aloe vera is to reduce blood sugar levels because they contain glucomannan. At a glance, the benefits of aloe vera are very good, but in certain situations when it is not controlled, it makes blood sugar levels drop. This situation called hypoglycemia is characterized by fatigue, dizziness, pallor, tingling lips, sweating and trembling, and difficulty concentrating and irritability.

Stomach cramps in pregnant women
Even though it has many benefits, its use still cannot be equated to all kinds of situations. For example in pregnant women, it is not recommended to consume aloe vera. The problem is when consumed during pregnancy, aloe vera can cause stomach cramps. If abdominal cramps are severe, it can cause miscarriage. So, consuming aloe vera during pregnancy and also breastfeeding is not recommended.

Disrupting the Balance of Blood Sugar Levels
Same as previously explained, if aloe vera can reduce blood sugar levels. In some situations, a decrease in blood sugar levels is very influential in the balance of blood sugar levels and this is not recommended to occur in people who in the near future will carry out surgery or have just had an operation.