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Top Of 10 Benefits of Betel Leaves that are rarely known - Healthy T1ps

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Health Benefits of Betel Leaves that are rarely known - Healthy T1ps

What would you think about when you first imagined about betel leaf? Quite a lot of people remember it as one of the ingredients of the old man's parents. Besides being well-known for cooking, do you know there are many other benefits of betel leaf for your health?

Judging the Benefits of Betel Leaves for Health
Before explaining the benefits of betel leaf for health, you need to know that betel leaf is a plant that contains a lot of water. About 85-90% of betel leaf consists of water so that the betel leaves are low in fat and calories.

In addition, betel leaf also has the ability to kill bacteria and fungi and has a role as an antioxidant. The benefits of betel leaf that has long been used as an antiseptic for the treatment of burns.

Here are the benefits of betel leaves that you can get, including:
1. Helps wound healing process
Because it has a very high antioxidant content, this makes betel leaf able to overcome oxidative stress so that it can help the wound healing process more quickly. How to process it, you only need to apply betel leaves to the wound and after that stay wrapped in a bandage. This wound will heal soon in just 1-2 days.

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2. Overcoming digestive disorders
The benefits of betel leaves are also believed to overcome discomfort in the stomach. The trick, drink betel leaf decoction water. Consumption of cooking water helps the stomach absorb minerals and various nutrients from food. In addition, you can also apply betel leaf oil to the stomach which makes the stomach feel more comfortable.

Health Benefits of Betel Leaves that are rarely known - Healthy T1ps
Health Benefits of Betel Leaves that are rarely known - Healthy T1ps

3. Inhibits dental caries
The habit of hosting a number of previous parents proved to provide good benefits for the teeth. A study revealed, that the benefits of betel leaf was able to inhibit the growth of bacteria that cause dental caries. Dental caries is one of the most common health scourges.

The content of essential oils, flavonoids, alkanoids, and phenolic compounds is believed to inhibit dental caries. All these compounds are basically active against S. mutans bacteria.

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4. Overcoming a sore throat
Because it is rich in antioxidant content, betel leaf has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. There are quite a lot of medicines that use natural ingredients from betel leaves because they can overcome fever and sore throat.

5. Helps to lose weight
You can feel the benefits of betel leaves if you regularly consume boiled leaves of betel leaves. The positive effect, the metabolic system in the body increases. Not only that, the efficacy of other betel leaves will also make digestive secretions increase while eliminating excessive water content or toxins from the body.

While fiber from betel leaf helps reduce fat levels in the body while overcoming constipation. This certainly will make the weight easier to go down.

6. As an antiseptic
The benefits of betel leaf have long been used by the community as an antiseptic, antidiabetic, anticancer and to cure infectious diseases. Unfortunately, some of the benefits of this betel leaf have not been supported by valid scientific evidence.

However, a study revealed that antiseptics from betel leaves are better contained in non-antiseptic soap. However, although these findings say antiseptic soap (betel leaf) is better, further analysis is needed on whether the remaining bacteria are pathogenic (causing disease) or not.

To get the antiseptic effect, boiled water of betel leaves is also used as a mouthwash or cleaning other parts of the body.

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7. Treating pain
The high content of polyphenols named chavicol in betel leaves makes these leaves have very strong anti-inflammatory properties. By consuming betel leaf stew water, the pain that appears on the body will disappear.

8. Reducing depression
Some studies reveal that the efficacy of betel leaf is also useful for controlling symptoms of depression. When you chew or drink boiled betel leaf water, it can make the brain produce a lot of serotonin which makes you happier.

9. Relieves coughing
One of the properties of betel leaf which is still believed is its ability to overcome cough. Betel leaf decoction water is able to overcome cough, because it contains Vitamins B, C and alkaloids to deal with inflammation that causes coughing. Prepare 5 betel leaves, then boil with 300 ml of water for 15-20 minutes. Drink 1 time a day

10. Overcome nosebleeds
The efficacy of one betel leaf is no stranger to use because it is often used to overcome nosebleeds. The workings of betel leaves heal nosebleeds similar to how these leaves heal wounds.

The antioxidant content of tannin in betel leaves is useful to speed up the body's response to healing wounds, namely by freezing blood faster and closing tears in blood vessels in the nose.

In fact, the benefits of betel leaves continue to improve the body's immune system. The strength of the body's resistance makes inflammation or wounds heal quickly.

Well, that's some of the benefits of betel leaves that you can get. Even so, the efficacy of betel leaves as described above requires a lot of further research. Therefore, it is recommended to consult with your doctor first so that the process of healing the disease is more appropriate.

Another important thing to know is that although the benefits of betel leaf are often used as antiseptics, avoid using betel leaf decoction to clean the eyes. Especially if the processing is not kept clean, where this can actually increase the risk of eye infections.

Basically, the eye does not require administration of antiseptic fluids from the outside because the eyes have been coated with tears containing globulin, lysozym, albumin, immunoglobulins IgA, IgG, and IgE which can function to inhibit microorganism growth, nourish the cornea and protect the conjunctival epithelium and corrosive from foreign objects.