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Benefit Spinach Vegetable Juice for a Healthy Diet - Healthy T1ps

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Benefits Drink Spinach Vegetable Juice for a Healthy Diet - Healthy T1ps

Processed vegetable juice recipes for the diet this time using the main ingredients of green spinach vegetables with a mixture of fruit mixes used are apples, pineapples and watermelons.

The choice of fruit and vegetable ingredients is not without reason, but because of the high fiber and nutrient content in it, it will ensure that the diet juices you make can increase fat metabolism optimally.

Spinach is one type of vegetable that is good for a diet to lose weight because of the high fiber content.

Foods high in fiber have a tendency to make the stomach full for a long time.

Of course this is very useful for the vegetable juice diet program that you are running, because it can suppress the desire to consume food.

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Spinach vegetable juice recipe for fruit mix diet

There are tips and how to make spinach vegetable juice for a diet so that your weight can go down or decrease in a fast time by drinking juice pulp (green) produced from the process of blending fruit and vegetable ingredients.

Why is that?

Because the pulp produced from vegetable juice for a diet contains high fiber values ​​so it must still be drunk or consumed so that the body's needs for fiber can be fulfilled.

Spinach vegetable juice made with blender also has another advantage which is having a low glycemic index value so that this diet juice is safe to drink by people who are at risk or who suffer from diabetes mellitus.

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Spinach As The Main Material To Make Vegetable Juice For A Diet

The green color of spinach indicates the high content of chlorophyll or leaf green matter which belongs to the class of flavonoids (also known as bioflavonoids).

The results of medical research explain the benefits of chlorophyll for health are:

  • Prevent abnormal cell development or cancer, thanks to its ability to protect DNA from damage.
  • Preventing kidney disease, digestive disorders, and diabetes mellitus thanks to its efficacy in supporting the body's metabolic processes.
  • The presence of leaf green matter in spinach vegetable juice also proved useful to help you lose weight. This can be seen from the benefits of chlorophyll in improving the detoxification process by the liver.
  • Thanks to the high content of chlorophyll in the types of green vegetables, spinach is a suitable ingredient used to make juice detox diets.
  • Chlorophyll is able to regulate the acidity of blood, the effect is that you will avoid high uric acid, heart and blood vessel disease.
  • Chlorophyll in spinach vegetable juice is useful for absorbing excess cholesterol in blood vessels which triggers coronary heart disease.

Wow! It turns out the benefits of spinach juice are not only for the diet, there are still many benefits and other uses for health from drinking this healthy juice.

Fruits As A Mixture Of Mix Juices For A Diet
3 types of fruit are used as ingredients of juice combinations are apples, watermelons and pineapple.

In addition to adding refined flavor to make diet juices better, the three fruit ingredients have their respective advantages in helping to lose weight.

Ingredients mix pineapple watermelon apples for diet spinach juice
Fruit mix ingredients used: pineapple watermelon apples

Apples have a low energy content, but are rich in fiber so they can provide a longer feeling of satiety.

Pineapple fruit contains malic acid and citric acid, its properties to break down fat while accelerating the disposal of body fat.

Watermelon fruit contains a deadly combination of sugar and water with the right composition that helps suppress appetite.

And if the three fruits are mixed and then processed with green spinach into vegetable juice for the diet, the fat burning process can run optimally.

Not only that, the fulfillment of micronutrients and water intake will ensure the body remains fresh and does not cause the effects of lazy, lethargic and weak even though you are undergoing a diet program with healthy juices.

Diet Tips With Green Vegetable Juice To Succeed

  • Prioritize dietary juices, whether vegetables or organic fruit, or at least wash the ingredients with running water so that the attached pesticides can be washed away by water.
  • It would be better if the vegetable juice ingredients for the diet are washed using special products for washing fruit and vegetables.

Because diet juice is made using a blender, do not turn on the blender for more than 1 minute.
If you can turn it on and off every 15 seconds so that there is no oxidation in the processed healthy juice made.