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10 Type Foods for Pregnant Women That Must Be Tried - Healty T1ps

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10 Type Foods for Pregnant Women That Must Be Tried - Healty T1ps

Every mother wants to give the best, especially for her children. Likewise with pregnant women, certainly will be very concerned about every need for the fetus they contain, including in terms of food consumed.

From every food that is available, what foods are good and recommended for consumption by pregnant women? Come on, find out the full information below:

The Amazing Of 10 Types Food For Pregnant Women

1. Yogurt

Yogurt is the best choice for pregnant women because it is able to provide protein and also the calcium needed. Calcium is needed by the fetus to support bone growth. Then how much good yogurt is consumed by pregnant women? Enough of 1,200 mg or about four servings every day.

2. Avocados

Not only delicious, it turns out that avocados also have important benefits for the health of the mother and fetus. The healthy fat content can help grow the brain, skin, and tissues in the fetus.

In addition to important substances such as vitamin B, vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin E, and potassium. Potassium contained in avocados can help mothers reduce leg cramps experienced by pregnant women.

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3. Salmon

Are you a fan of salmon? The good news, this type of fish not only contains high protein, but also Omega-3 fatty acids that are good for the development of the brain and eyes of the fetus and are able to prevent heart disease.
10 Type Foods for Pregnant Women That Must Be Tried - Healty T1ps
10 Type Foods for Pregnant Women That Must Be Tried - Healty T1ps

4. Eggs

Eggs contain a lot of protein needed by pregnant women to help the development of body cells. In addition, the choline substance can help the growth of the fetus and the health of the brain.

But keep in mind that everything that is excessive is not good, including in terms of food. Therefore, pregnant women are advised not to consume more than four eggs in one week.

5. Green vegetables.

Green vegetables such as spinach and broccoli are good for pregnant women because of their high nutritional content including vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, calcium, iron, and potassium.

6. Fruits.

In addition to avocados, there are still many other fruits that are good for the health of mothers and babies. That is because fruits such as mangoes, kiwi, grapes, and guava are generally low in calories but contain fiber, vitamins and minerals that are good for the health of the mother and fetus in the womb.

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7. Lean meat.

Lean meat such as beef and chicken is rich in protein that is beneficial for fetal growth. The iron content is also necessary to prevent anemia so that later the risk of premature delivery is reduced.

In addition, beef is also rich in vitamin B and choline which are important nutrients during pregnancy.

8. Oatmeal.

Oatmeal is a food that is high in fiber and nutrients. In addition, with the content of important substances such as vitamin A, vitamin B-6, calcium, iron, and magnesium, of course consuming oatmeal is good for the health of the mother and fetus.

9. Almond.

Almonds are one of the types of nuts that are rich in protein, vitamin E, iron and unsaturated fats that are good for heart health.

10. Sweet potatoes.

In general, pregnant women are encouraged to consume around 10% -40% of vitamin A. The good news is that sweet potatoes contain beta carotene which will be converted by the body to vitamin A.

Then what are the benefits? Of course enough and not excessive vitamin A can help the growth and differentiation of fetal cells in the womb.

In addition, sweet potatoes also contain vitamin C and iron. You also don't need to worry because besides being nutritious, sweet potatoes are also not very expensive and easy to obtain.

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11. Bonus: Drink enough water.

Maybe water does not include food, but don't forget that most of the human body also consists of water. That is why, pregnant women are encouraged to continue to drink enough water, especially because besides being able to help build new cells in the body of the mother and fetus, drinking water can also prevent dehydration, thereby reducing the risk of preterm labor.

So that's the best food to consume during pregnancy. Have you tried it?