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15 Benefits of Saffron Flowers - Expensive but Efficacious - Healthy T1ps

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The Latest Of 15 Benefits of Saffron Flowers - Expensive but Efficacious - Healthy T1ps

If you often struggle in the kitchen, of course you know one type of spice, namely saffron from saffron flower which has the scientific name Crocus sativus. This flower indeed grows in tropical regions such as the Asian region and especially in the West Asia region.

Why Saffron Is Very Expensive

One thing that certainly becomes a question is why is saffron taken from saffron flowers very expensive? Well, besides of course there are so many benefits of saffron flowers for health why this spice one is very expensive because every flower will only produce three saffron strands.

Health Benefits of Saffron Flowers - Healthy T1ps

Although expensive, but this one crumb is one of the most sought after because it contains many health benefits both for general health, beauty, diet and even recommended to be consumed by women when pregnant.

Overcoming Stress Symptoms
There are many causes of stress symptoms but only one solution. The magnesium content in saffron can help you deal with stress symptoms easily.

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Good for pregnant women
Because saffron is rich in protein and antioxidants, it is recommended to consume it during pregnancy, but of course you should pay attention to the dosage because consuming too much saffron can trigger contractions.

Reducing PMS Symptoms
Consuming saffron when PMS can help overcome various symptoms that appear when PMS such as abdominal cramps. In addition, for those of you who are not smooth menstruation it is also recommended to consume saffron.

Can Help Increase Libido
One benefit that can be obtained from consuming saffron is its ability to increase libido. Some studies also mention that there are active compounds in saffron that help improve sperm quality and reduce the risk of impotence in men.

Good for Eye Health
The bright color of saffron is an indication that this nutritious herb is rich in beta-carotene. As pro vitamin A beta-carotene is also very good for maintaining eye health.

Helps Maintain Blood Pressure
Consuming saffron on a regular basis proved to be effective to help maintain blood pressure. Thus problems such as heart attacks and strokes can be overcome naturally.

Rich in Antioxidant Content
Antioxidants are the only effective solution to overcome the bad effects of free radicals. Unfortunately, the body cannot produce enough and consuming antioxidant-rich foods is the best solution to meet antioxidant levels in the body.
The Latest Of 15 Benefits of Saffron Flowers - Expensive but Efficacious - Healthy T1ps
The Latest Of 15 Benefits of Saffron Flowers - Expensive but Efficacious - Healthy T1ps

Helping You Overcome Problems with Insomnia
The magnesium content in saffron can help overcome your problem with insomnia. Magnesium will make your nervous system calm so that the quality of your sleep will increase.

Prevent Diabetes
It is not easy to overcome diabetes but there are many solutions to prevent this disease and one of them is to consume saffron regularly.

Good for Skin Health
Have some skin problems such as zits or black spots? Saffron is rich in antioxidants and contains vitamins and minerals that are good for the skin. Can be used as a natural scrub to overcome clogged pores.

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Treating Cough Naturally
Coughing can be very annoying especially if it's been treated but still comes again. Try natural ways to consume saffron regularly to treat cough naturally because saffron contains active compounds that are good for the respiratory system.

Helps Overcome Digestive Problems
There are many digestive problems that can arise such as nausea and vomiting. Try saffron with a glass of warm milk can help overcome it naturally.

Reducing Bad Cholesterol Levels in Blood
Some studies show that consuming saffron regularly can actually reduce bad cholesterol levels in the blood and optimize the production of good cholesterol.

High Protein Content
One of the ingredients contained in saffron is protein. Protein has an important role in cell regeneration so that damaged cells can be replaced with new cells quickly.

Optimizing Red Blood Cell Production
Saffron contains high iron which can help optimize the production of red blood cells so that problems such as anemia or low blood pressure can be overcome naturally without the help of drugs.

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Health Risks Consuming Saffron

Apart from the many benefits of saffron flowers for human health, of course you also have to be aware of anything that is a health risk if you consume saffron flowers.
  • As mentioned above, one of the benefits of saffron is that it can help lower blood pressure. If you are currently taking special drugs prescribed by a doctor to reduce blood pressure you should avoid consuming saffron excessively.
  • Cases of health risk often occur when people consume saffron supplements instead of saffron as spices. Therefore you should consult your medical needs with your doctor first before consuming saffron supplements.
  • Saffron is very well consumed during pregnancy because it contains high antioxidants and is rich in protein. But you should avoid consuming it excessively because it can trigger contraction which can end in a miscarriage.

The main key to getting all the benefits of saffron flowers for health is to ensure that you consume them fairly and not excessively.