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4 Benefits of Jasmine Flowers from Brides as Decorations - Healthy T1ps

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4 Benefits of Jasmine Flowers from Brides as Decorations - Healthy T1ps

Jasmine is one of the flowers that are often used in our traditional wedding ceremonies. This flower is used as an ornament on the bride's bun, formed into beautiful roncean pinned on the bride's hair and also as an ornament on the groom's dagger. In addition, jasmine is also used as a complement to the bridal shower. Traditional Sundanese and Javanese weddings usually use jasmine flowers. Bugis weddings also usually use jasmine buds to decorate the bride's hair in the form of pearl-like strands.

Not only that, several other regions such as Aceh, Palembang and Madura. The use of jasmine flowers in our traditional customs is certainly not an arbitrary thing, because it contains a meaning that is much deeper than just hair ornaments. The following are some of the benefits of jasmine flowers from brides that make it an important flower in traditional Indonesian wedding ceremonies.

1. Providing a sacred atmosphere
Roncean jasmine flowers are generally used as a decoration that will give a distinctive aroma of marriage and revive the sacred atmosphere of the wedding procession. In general, jasmine symbolizes purity, simplicity and beauty which can be equated with the purpose of the marriage. Then the use of jasmine flowers on the wedding procession can provide the benefits of jasmine flowers from the bride in the form of a sacred atmosphere in the form of chastity that is identical to the meaning of marriage. In addition to marriage, of course there are benefits of jasmine flowers for health and beauty, the benefits of jasmine water and the benefits of Japanese jasmine.

2. Symbolizes the groom's courage
Jasmine is often made with roncean intestinal techniques related to the legend of Arya Penangsang. He was a knight who was brave and not easy to give up. He fought with Sutawijaya during the fierce Demak XVII Sultanate, so that his intestines spilled out and wrapped around his kris. Jasmine flowers with roncean intestines refer to this legend, so the groom is expected to be able to maintain prosperity, happiness, wholeness and honor in his household under any conditions like Arya Penangsang.

3. As part of the myth
The most popular benefits of jasmine from brides is the myth that anyone who managed to steal the flower from the bride, then she will be lightly mate or easily get a mate. That's why not a few women try to 'steal' those flowers from the bride's bun, but in general this is difficult to do. In addition to being closely intertwined, forcing them to take it roughly also risks damaging the bride's makeup. So what often happens is that the flower is given by the bride herself to her close friends who are not married.

4. As a national identity
4 Benefits of Jasmine Flowers from Brides as Decorations - Healthy T1psWhite jasmine is nicknamed as the nation's puspa and as one of the three Indonesian national flowers in addition to moon orchids, and giant padma or arnoldi rafflesia. The use of jasmine as part of traditional Indonesian bridal ornaments shows our identity as a nation that is proud of its traditional values ​​and also to preserve the culture of its own country. You also need to know what are the benefits and content of jasmine flowers for health and beauty that come from the benefits of jasmine Netherlands, the benefits of jasmine leaves, and the benefits of jasmine Gambir.

Types of Jasmine Ornaments

The jasmine decoration that is used for the bride is the shape of the bud. The buds are then woven together to form an ornament for the bun or a complement to the bridal headdress. You can see several types of jasmine usage for brides from the following regions:

Aceh - Clothing for brides from Aceh also uses a lot of jasmine, mainly as a complement to the bride's headdress. A series of jasmine is usually added as a bride's head accessories resembling a headband mounted on the forehead area and dangling to her cheeks, combined with a golden headdress.

Palembang - Traditional clothes of the Palembang bride named Aesan Gede, which seems very luxurious and beautiful with various golden accessories. The benefits of jasmine flowers from brides in the form of roncean buds are usually placed on the head and side of the bridal temple.

Sunda - Sunda Siger is the name of a Sundanese woman's bridal makeup that resembles the makeup of an ancient royal princess. Ronce jasmine as a complement is tucked on one side of the hair to reach the chest or even the waist.

Solo - The benefits of jasmine flowers from brides are also used on Solo brides. The black paes on the forehead will not look complete without the jasmine decoration on the bun. Complicated Roncean jasmine flowers will be pinned on the bun and on one side of the head.

Yogyakarta - Adat Yogyakarta is not much different from the custom of the Solo bride - both use the benefits of jasmine flowers from the bride and groom for decoration. Roncean jasmine is also pinned on the bridal bun and one side of the head.

Madura - Madurese customary marriage turns out to use a lot of jasmine roncean. Aside from being used as a headdress detail in the form of bun sticks, the very long roncean jasmine madam is also used on both sides of the head to dangle and touch the floor.

The benefits of jasmine flowers from brides in other areas may still be a lot that we don't know yet. The use of jasmine as a bridal garnish from various regions also means to unite us as a very large and diverse nation. Because although the wedding customs of each region are different in terms of decoration, procession, philosophy and costume, there is one thing that unites them, namely jasmine flowers.