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8 Benefits of Galangal for Health - Health T1ps

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The Amazing Of 8 Benefits of Galangal for Human Health - Health T1ps

Maintaining health conditions is one form of the matter which has recently been very concerned about and carried out by many people. This condition is due to the many health problems that can have a harmful effect on a person's body condition. In the process of maintaining health, there are several things that can be done starting from the benefits of exercise, avoiding the consumption of dangerous foods, choosing healthy foods, not smoking, adequate rest, and not consuming alcohol.

When someone experiences health problems, there are two ways that can be done to overcome them, namely using medical drugs and traditional medicine. The use of traditional medicine is still the choice of many people, especially in rural areas because of the side effects that are felt to be non-existent but can still help to have a positive effect. One of the traditional products that will be explained below is the benefits of Galangal for health.

Health Benefits Of Galangal For Human Body - Healthy T1ps

1. Relieve coughing
The benefits of galangal or also known as white galangal on the inside are able to help relieve coughing. Galangal has a hot taste and can help warm the nose and the presence of expectorant substances so that it can be used to treat coughing conditions. The way to use galangal to overcome the condition of the cough is to make Lengkuas cooking water and consume it regularly.

2. Overcome sore throats and hoarseness
Some people certainly have felt a sound condition that has turned hoarse and followed by pain in the throat. This situation will certainly be very disturbing and need a way to overcome it. To get the benefits of Galangal in overcoming fiber and pain in the throat is the same as the way that is done to help relieve cough by brewing Galangal powder or Galangal slices a few moments and then consuming them regularly. The positive impact of galangal is the same as the benefits of kencur for sound.

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3. Helps overcome diarrheal conditions
Other benefits that can be obtained from galangal are helping to overcome one of the common digestive problems, namely diarrhea. The benefits of diarrhea solutions can be obtained because the antimicrobial properties contained in Galangal which will expel microbes that enter the body as a cause of diarrhea in the digestive tract and the presence of vitamin C can improve the health of the body and make diarrhea manageable.
The Amazing Of 8 Benefits of Galangal for Human Health - Health T1ps
Health Benefits Of Galangal For Human Body - Healthy T1ps

4. Prevent tumors and cancer
Tumors and cancer is one form of the disease that has recently occurred due to the activity of free radicals and carcinogenic ingredients that are consumed carelessly. Who would have thought that Galangal which is one of the kitchen spices in helping in preventing the occurrence of tumors and cancer in a person's body. The benefits of preventing tumors and cancer are obtained because of the content of antioxidants contained in galangal so that it can be a stronghold for the body against exposure to free radicals as a cause of cancer.

5. Relieve asthma
Asthma is a respiratory disease whose attacks can occur at any time in the sufferer. Benefits of Galangal for other health is to help relieve asthma. These benefits are obtained because one of the properties of the ingredients contained in galangal is as an anti-spasmodic which will remove phlegm and dilate the bronchioles so that it can relieve the condition of asthma. The positive impact of this galangal can be combined with the benefits of soursop leaves for asthma.

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6. Treat burns
Burns can occur to a person due to various things, from direct contact with fire or exposure to heat and electricity. Burns can cause the condition of the skin to change, accompanied by a strong feeling of heat. Galangal can help in treating and treating burns. How to use Galangal in helping treat burns is to finely crush the Galangal and then stick it to the part of the skin that has burns.

7. Overcome scalp problems
Health problems in humans not only occur on the inside of the body but also can occur outside the body or primarily on the skin. One of the skin that often has problems is the scalp that can occur with scalp conditions or dandruff or infection. Galangal can be used to help overcome the condition of the problem on the scalp by direct rubbing Galangal to the problem of the scalp or by fine pounding and mixing it with olive oil.

8. Helps reduce levels of bad fats
The last benefit of Galangal for health in this explanation is that it helps reduce levels of bad fats in the blood. In his research, consumption of laos extract can help reduce bad fats because of the obstacles to the synthesis of fat formation in the body.

Those are some explanations regarding the benefits of Galangal for health which need to be considered well by everyone, especially those who want traditional medicines in overcoming certain diseases according to the explanation given above.