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9 Benefits of Fried Corn for Body Health - Healthy T1ps

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9 Benefits of Fried Corn for Body Health - Healthy T1ps

For Indonesian people who mostly know rice as their staple food, corn may not be well known as a staple food. Though besides wheat and rice, corn is the most important food carbohydrate producer in the world. Corn is also often consumed as a staple food, among others by residents of Central and South America, as well as Africa and several regions in Indonesia.

Plants that have the Latin name Zea Mays are also often consumed as a complementary food for rice, especially sweet corn. Not only the benefits of corn for chicken alone. The benefits of corn for health are the same as the benefits of young corn which is also widely known by people regardless of how they are processed. There are many other ways to process corn, such as by frying. Some of the things you will get from the benefits of fried corn for health can be listened to in the following discussion.

1. Healthy digestive organs
Corn contains fiber that is high enough to help improve the health of the digestive organs. Healthy digestive organs will certainly ensure the smooth digestion process in our body too, and avoid the emergence of various health problems caused by barriers to the digestive process such as constipation, indigestion and so on. Therefore, the benefits of sweet corn fritters are very good for the body's digestion. According to the study, just one portion of corn is enough to meet fiber requirements of 10 percent per day.

2. Strengthens bones
The nutrients contained in corn are magnesium, manganese, iron, copper, and phosphorus. Everything can help with nutrient intake for bones to be stronger and stronger so as to minimize the risk of osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a condition of bone loss caused by a lack of calcium intake for the body, usually occurs in old age. However, poor calcium intake can lead to osteoporosis that occurs at a young age. The benefits of fried corn can prevent this. There are also benefits of corn skin that you can use.

3. Make skin youthful
Like other organs, the skin also needs adequate nutrition to maintain its condition. The benefits of fried corn will give the skin the nutrients it needs. The abundant antioxidants contained in corn will help to nourish all the skin tissue in your body. With enough nutrition, the skin tissue will easily renew itself so that the skin will always look young and fresh. Likewise with the benefits of boiled corn for the diet.

4. Prevent anemia
Anemia is a condition that is experienced when the body experiences a shortage of red blood cells, which is characterized by symptoms of headache and can even experience fainting. Folic acid, iron and vitamin B12 are contained in corn to prevent someone from anemia. The benefits of fried corn will be useful in this case because corn contains both of these substances in large quantities. The benefits of sweet corn for the diet will support the body's health during the diet by preventing anemia.

5. Healthy heart
Corn content includes vitamin C, carotenoids, also biovflavonoid which is useful for controlling cholesterol levels in the blood and increasing the smooth circulation of blood in the body. With the smooth circulation of blood, it will minimize the risk of heart disease that occurs due to blockages in arteries that can cause a heart attack on someone. Increased amino acids can cause blood vessel problems. The content of folate in corn will also help reduce levels of amino acids in blood vessels that affect the heart.

6. Healthy eyes
The benefits of fried corn are one source of beta-carotene which is the forerunner of vitamin A in the human body. Consumption of corn in a normal portion will help meet the needs of vitamin A for your eye health. Corn also contains carotenoids which will reduce the risk of eye damage in old age. Zeaxanthin pigments in corn will also protect the eyes from diseases such as macular degeneration.

9 Benefits of Fried Corn for Body Health - Healthy T1ps
9 Benefits of Fried Corn for Body Health - Healthy T1ps

7. Improve immunity
Sweet corn is full of protein and vitamin C, which is very good for helping to boost immunity. In addition, vitamin C can also prevent diseases such as fever, runny nose, and flu. Protein intake from the benefits of fried corn will also be very good for maintaining body strength.

8. Overcoming cancer
Corn is rich in antioxidants that can fight several types of cancers such as breast cancer and liver cancer. Corn can also kill cancer cells without affecting healthy cells in the body. Natural chemicals in corn called cryptoxanthin which are absorbed by the body can turn into vitamin A, because it can help prevent lung cancer and others.

9. Improve memory
Often forgetting things - important things can show that your memory has decreased. Therefore, corn containing thiamine and vitamin B1 can improve the ability to remember and also prevent the arrival of related diseases, such as reducing the problems that occur in Alzheimer's patients.

The benefits of fried corn for health will indeed be suitable for those of you who like fried foods. However, we also know that the risk of eating too much fried foods is the problem of high cholesterol. For that, you must pay attention to the use of oil for frying. You can use VCO or Virgin Coconut Oil which is the most stable type of oil when heated. Likewise with olive oil, extra light olive oil and canola oil. Although using oil that is safe for frying, you also need to pay attention to the portion of fried corn consumption so as not to overdo it.