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Try How to Become Healthier With These 7 Simple Moves! - Healthy T1ps

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Try How to Become Healthier With These 7 Simple Moves! - Healthy T1ps

Healthy living is certainly everyone's dream. Even so, nowadays many people ignore healthy lifestyles and tend to be less active in moving. If you are lazy to move or exercise, you must be active from now on. No need to go to the gym or exercise hard if you don't have a lot of time or just want to start active life, you can try doing the following 7 simple movements at home!

1. Stretching

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The first simple movement that you should be able to do is stretching or stretching. By stretching, you can strengthen the muscles of the arms and legs. In addition to strengthening muscles, stretching is also beneficial for increasing body flexibility, improving posture, and blood circulation. Do stretching by stretching your arms or legs as far as possible from each side, holding the position for about 30 seconds. After stretching, you can only do other movements.

2. Plank

Plank, this one movement is also quite simple and can be used every day. Plank movement can also help you lose weight, strengthen your spine, eliminate back pain and improve mood. Plank movement is also easy to do, you only need to put your palms and toes on the floor and lift your body like doing a push up position. Hold the motion for some time for example 30 seconds or as long as you can hold it.

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3. Squats

Squats are usually performed to strengthen the leg muscles and also form the back of the body. By doing squats, you can also burn more calories so that this movement is suitable for those of you who want to shrink your thighs, and lose weight. To do squats, you can position yourself by standing on the floor. Keep your shoulders in position and position your knees in the middle. Slowly bend your knees, waist and heels to form a 90 degree angle then return to the original position. Repeat the movement several times and do it regularly every day.

4. Push Up

Who doesn't know this one movement? Push up is also a simple movement that is very well done to maintain health and fitness. Push ups are also useful to increase blood circulation in the body, increase metabolic rate and improve posture. Push-up movements can also be done quite easily by placing your palms and toes on the floor then pulling your body up and down. You can do 10 or 20 push ups in one session and repeat them according to your abilities.

5. Shadow Boxing

Shadow boxing, or the motion of punching the shadow is a simple movement that can be done to train the muscles of the arms and upper body. Shadow boxing can also help increase the body's vitality and metabolism so that calories can burn better. To do shadow boxing you only need to do a front punch like punching empty air. Use your energy and press the arm until the pressure feels. Perform this movement regularly every day to get maximum results.
Try How to Become Healthier With These 7 Simple Moves! - Healthy T1ps
6. Climbing Stair

No need to make complicated movements because you can also stay healthy by routinely doing this movement every day. Apart from being healthier, by practicing climbing stairs, you can also get a more muscular leg and body. This movement is also effective in burning fat especially in the inner thighs, so if you want to have slender thighs and calves, you can do this one routine. if there are no stairs at home, you can use a chair instead.

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7. High Step
Classic cardio movements that you can do at home without expensive equipment or sports equipment. The high step or step foot up has many benefits for the body such as increasing the vitality of the body, tightening the legs and stomach muscles and improving blood circulation. The way is also quite easy, you just need to step foot like walking in the place just the knee up to the stomach.

You can do simple movements above regularly when you are free in the morning or during the day. The point is, if you want to stay healthy, you need to stay active and eat healthy foods.