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10 Benefits of Infused Water for Your Body - Healthy T1ps

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10 Benefits of Infused Water for Your Body - Healthy T1ps

You may have seen drinking water in a transparent container with pieces of fruit in it. Yes, that's what is called infused water. Is it true that the infused water is healthy? Let's check the facts about infused water below.

1. Make You Quite Hydrated

What is the ideal water intake for the body every day? Yes, 2 liters or about 8 glasses a day. The amount is quite a lot, especially for those of you who don't like the taste of tasteless and tasteless water. However, if you start taking infused water, the taste of natural fruit in the infused water can encourage you to drink more. That way, infused water triggers you to drink more than usual, so you can meet your drinking needs in a day.

2. Contains More Nutrition

Infused water is claimed to contain 20% of the nutrients contained in the fruit. This means that infused water is nutritious compared to ordinary water. However, it means that the infused water content is no better than if we eat the fruit directly. To get the most out of infused water, you must really eat the fruit. Unfortunately, not all fruits that have been soaked in infused water are good for consumption. Instead of throwing it away, you can add the remaining infused water to the fruit juice or smoothies you just made.
10 Benefits of Infused Water for Your Body - Healthy T1ps
3. Make Skin Healthier

Consumption of enough water can help the skin rejuvenation process, make the skin look younger, and feel softer. Infused water, for example from fruits rich in vitamin C such as lemon, contains high levels of vitamin C which is good for making skin look brighter and brighter. Vitamins contained in infused water can nourish the skin, making it look more naturally beautiful.

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4. Prevent Premature Aging

Fruit contains antioxidants which are important to slow down the aging process and fight free radicals. Fruit also increases the production of collagen in the body, which plays a role in making your skin feel soft and supple. By drinking infused water, you will get at the same time the benefits of drinking water, as well as the intake of goodness contained in the fruit.

5. Good for Digestion

Have you ever felt bloating continuously? Or often feel a stomach ache? If you have digestive problems, try drinking infused water. Choosing ginger, lemon, apples, or oranges as a mixture can help cleanse the body of toxins, strengthen digestion, and have a cold effect on your stomach, which can reduce bloating and abdominal pain.

6. Avoid you from unhealthy drinks

Often, you choose unhealthy drinks like soda instead of water because it tastes far better than water. With the various natural flavors and smells of infused water, you can begin not to choose unhealthy drinks, and drink infused water that is richer in nutrients and low in health risks.

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7. Avoid Overeating

You start to drink water because of the various flavors and aroma of fresh fruit offered by infused water. Your body's hydration is even better because you drink more water. In fact, drinking enough water makes you feel more full, making you avoid unnecessary eating or snacking because you misinterpret thirst as hunger.

8. Avoid you from sweets

Unlike ordinary water, infused water has a variety of flavors, according to the mixture of fruit in it. To present a sweet, infused water flavor, you can choose fruit that tastes sweet as a mixture, for example pineapple honey. That way, when you want to snack on sweet foods, you can drink sweet infused water. That way, the desire to eat sweet foods can be dispelled.

9. Helps Lubricate Joints

Joints and cartilage often experience friction. Lack of fluid makes your joints and cartilage thinner. Enough intake of water helps your body to lubricate joints and cartilage. For those of you who have joint problems and don't like to drink plain water, infused water can help you drink more fluids.

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10. Removing Poison from the Body

Infused water contains antioxidants derived from fruits. By taking infused water, it helps your body to cleanse itself. Infused water keeps your body hydrated, and also removes toxins from the body. That way, your immune system can be more awake. The body feels healthier and fitter.

From the explanation above, it can be concluded that the main benefit of infused water is because it can encourage you to drink more. And it's good for your body's health. Hopefully useful!