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11 Benefits of Fenugreek - Health - Breastfeeding Mothers

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11 Benefits of Fenugreek - Health - Breastfeeding Mothers

Fenugreek, what is that? There must be many who are not familiar with this one type of plant. The fenugreek plant, known as the klabet / klebet in Indonesian, is a type of plant originating from Greece. Naturally, many are not familiar with this plant. This plant itself belongs to the Fabaceae family and is a type of plant that is cultivated in semi-arid or semi-arid climates.

Fenugreek seeds and leaves In the world itself, fenugreek is grown and is a production of countries in Asia, Europe and Africa. Nepal, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Argentina, France, Spain, Turkey, Morocco and China are some of the countries that produce the fenugreek commodity. India ranks first in terms of the world's largest production of fenugreek, which covers 80% of the country's total. Therefore there are many types of foods and herbal medicines from India that use the basic ingredients of fenugreek.

Although in Indonesia it is rare, and even almost no fenugreek plantations, but these plants can be found in modern markets that sell various imported kitchen needs.

What are the uses of fenugreek?

The benefits of Fenugreek are not only for food, fenugreek itself has many benefits, especially for body health and also as a type of food seasoning. What are the uses of fenugreek? The following are some of the benefits and uses of the fenugreek plant:

As a curry spice
Who doesn't know curry dishes, especially curries that are typical of Indian countries? Curry originating from India has a distinctive taste, with lots of spices, almost similar to Malay dai curry. But one difference is that curry originating from India has another ingredient, namely seeds from fenugreek. The taste of the seeds is classified as bitter, adding to its distinctive taste for the type of curry originating from India. Apart from being curry, seeds from fenugreek are also often processed into curry paste and powder, making it easier for storage when you don't want to directly process it into curry.

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The Aramaic is a Jewish tradition carried out at the Jewish New Year program, Rosh Hasana, where during the celebration they used fenugreek seeds as a material for making special foods that will be eaten during Jewish New Year celebrations.
11 Benefits of Fenugreek - Health - Breastfeeding Mothers
Maintain cholesterol
Fenugreek seeds are often used as a kitchen ingredient and basic ingredients for cooking, which has a good function to maintain cholesterol levels in your body. 2 ounces of fenugreek seeds can regulate and maintain cholesterol levels in the body so as not to experience a significant increase. With well-controlled cholesterol levels, you will avoid some serious health problems, such as:

Heart attack
Blockage of arteries.

Curing skin diseases
Do you have sensitive skin? Do you often experience disorders and infections on your skin? If Fenugreek is an herbal plant that is right for those of you who have sensitive skin types that often experience skin problems. You can process fenugreek plants into a paste form, then apply the fenugreek plant paste to the part of your skin. Spread from fenugreek paste can cure skin diseases, such as:

Rash or bumps - red bumps on the skin
Boils on the skin
Scars and incisions
Water lice and skin fungus
Lowers the body's blood sugar levels

For those of you who suffer from diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes where your insulin is not enough to maintain blood sugar levels, fenugreek can help you maintain blood sugar levels to remain stable. The following are the steps for processing fenugreek as a drug to stabilize blood sugar in the body:

Prepare 500 mg of fenugreek seeds
Soak 500 gr of fenugreek seeds in warm water
Drink the marinade of the fenugreek seeds.
Do this at least 2 times a day to provide benefits as a stabilizer of blood sugar levels in the body.

Cure fever
When you have a high fever, fenugreek plants are one type of herbal plant that can help you reduce the heat and fever that you experience. You can brew fenugreek as an herbal and drink it, when you feel a fever. By consuming the herbal drink from fenugreek, the condition of your body temperature can be normal and you can recover from fever.

Helps in labor
For those of you pregnant women who are waiting for the presence of the baby, aka waiting for the birth process, you can try consuming fenugreek. This fenugreek plant is believed to be able to help your labor process, that is by consuming the seeds. This seed from fenugreek can help stabilize the contractions that occur in the uterus when the birth process takes place.

Prevent and reduce acid reflux
For those of you who often suffer from stomach acid and often experience heartburn due to acid reflux, or for those of you who often experience the name acid reflux, the seeds of the fenugreek plant can reduce the effects of acidic nausea and reflux that occurs in your stomach. Fenugreek seeds have properties that can increase the layer of lenders in the intestine and stomach, so that it can help reduce and prevent acid reflux and increase stomach acid in yourself.

Lactation / increase the amount of breast milk
The benefits of Fenugreek can increase the amount of breast milk for mothers who are breastfeeding. For those of you mothers who are breastfeeding, fenugreek seeds can help you to increase your US production. eat at least 500 mg of fenugreek seeds to increase milk production which is very important for the nutritional intake of the baby.

Cleanses facial skin
You can try using fenugreek seeds for the media to do facial cleansing. Boil fenugreek seeds, then after the boiled water is cold, you can use the stew to wash your face to make it look fresher and healthier.

As a face mask
Besides being able to cleanse and brighten your face using the cooking water, you can also use fenugreek seeds as a face mask. Just use crushed fenugreek leaves, and make them into a paste, then you will get a face mask that can reduce the development of pimples and blackheads.

Those are some of the benefits of the fenugreek plant. May be useful.