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3 Healthy Whole Wheat Source Foods for Breakfast

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3 Healthy Whole Wheat Source Foods for Breakfast

Breakfast is a must do every morning. Because the stomach is empty due to not eating anything overnight, it must be filled immediately so that it is strong all day long. Therefore, the breakfast menu should be made from foods that are rich in nutrients and can be filling, one of which is from food sources that contain whole grains.

Whole wheat is a type of carbohydrate that can meet energy needs in the morning, and is certainly healthier because it contains a lot of fiber. In fact, you are guaranteed to be full longer if you eat whole grains at breakfast. So, whole wheat foods are the right choice for your family's breakfast menu.

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So, what foods contain whole wheat and can be a healthy breakfast menu choice?

1. Wheat bread
If you often eat plain white bread as a breakfast menu, then from now on replace your bread with whole wheat bread. Wheat bread has lower calories, but fiber is actually more. One tangkup (two strands) of wheat bread is equivalent to 138 calories and 4 grams of fiber.

3 Healthy Whole Wheat Source Foods for Breakfast
The amount is enough to block hunger until later this afternoon, especially coupled with quite a lot of fiber content. More complete if you add food sources of protein, such as eggs and vegetables or fruits.

2. Cereals
Other healthy and practical breakfast menu choices are cereal. Yes, now it is easy to find cereal products made from whole wheat seeds that are also low in sugar, so that you make your morning powerful and can block your stomach until the next meal schedule.

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3. Oatmeal
Other foods containing whole wheat are oatmeal. Maybe, some of you have heard of oatmeal is one of the foods that can help you who are dieting. One serving of oatmeal (4 tablespoons of dried oatmeal) contains 140 calories.

Usually, as a breakfast menu, oatmeal can be served with additional pieces of fresh fruit, so it can make you full without making calories soar.