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5 Health Benefits That Can Be Obtained After Marriage

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5 Health Benefits That Can Be Obtained After Marriage

Besides getting happy and having friends to live together, are there benefits from getting married that are good for health? Getting married is not just about bringing together two pairs of people to breed and then return to their origin. Married in fact has its own advantages and benefits, especially for health. What are the health benefits of getting married? See the explanation below.

The benefits of marriage are good for health
A study in the UK conducted a study of 25,000 people with heart disease who married unmarried people. The results were found that among patients who were married and had partners, the condition was 14% improved faster than patients who were single. The study concluded that there was a relationship between getting married with a better level of one's health.

1. Reducing the risk of heart disease
Like the example of the research above, other studies also suggest that the benefits of marriage can affect your heart health. In a study from Turku University in Finland, married women and men are known to have a 65% -66% lower risk of developing heart disease, compared to unmarried people.

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There is no scientific and definitive explanation for this, but they assume that marriage can increase emotional support, build physical intimacy, and deepen social ties. All of these things can make a person's blood pressure decrease and stabilize, which then has an impact on heart health.

3. Useful to avoid stress
A medical report published by the University of Chicago found something about the benefits of marriage, which has the effect of reducing the hormone cortisol as a trigger for psychological stress. Likewise with someone who is in a long-term relationship, the relationship can strengthen and change stress hormones so that they feel happy about their partner.

4. Faster health recovery
Besides being able to reduce the risk of getting an illness, it turns out that by getting married you can also support the recovery period of surgery to be faster. Kathleen King, a researcher from the University of Rochester stated that someone who is married and underwent surgery has the potential to live twice as long. This will be closely related to the support and presence of a partner who accompanies your days during the recovery period.
5 Health Benefits That Can Be Obtained After Marriage
5. Sleep better
Who would have thought that by getting married can make you get a good night's sleep and quality. Wendy Troxel, a psychologist at the University of Pittsburg found that married women have 10% better sleep quality than unmarried women. Before bedtime sexual activity is strongly suspected as one of the reasons the body releases the hormone oxytocin, which makes sleep better.

So, is marriage important for health?
Actually the most important thing to improve your health is yourself, not someone else. Avoid unhealthy lifestyles and eating, just focus yourself on things that can make you happy. Because basically a happy soul will cause a healthy body too.

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Regarding marriage or not marrying someone, not always married people will be healthy and happy, and vice versa. A change in life can be a good thing for those who can adapt well. But it is undeniable also, increasing responsibility can also have a negative impact on those who are not ready.

In the end, the most important thing is how you carry out your functions in society, one of which is social function. If you can live it and face the challenges of living well, then you can feel happy and of course a healthy soul.