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5 Interesting Facts About Breakfast Chicken Porridge - Healthy T1ps

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5 Interesting Facts About Breakfast Chicken Porridge - Healthy T1ps

When you hear the menu of chicken porridge, you may immediately imagine a bowl of warm porridge which is usually served with shredded chicken, crackers, and satay offal. Chicken porridge is already Indonesia's favorite breakfast menu. However, is breakfast chicken porridge a healthy choice? To find out about chicken porridge as a breakfast menu, consider the following five unique facts.

How to process porridge?

Chicken porridge is generally processed from white rice which is cooked in very large amounts of water. Because the water is very much, the rice will lose its distinctive texture which is very rough and very smooth. In addition, because it is cooked for a long time, the rice starch also spreads and blends with the water. The result is plain pulp that is very soft and thick.

Facts about breakfast chicken porridge

For those of you who are busy and looking for a filling breakfast, chicken porridge can be a good choice. However, is breakfast chicken porridge more durable or even makes you hungry faster? Just take a look at the following interesting facts about porridge.

1. A low-calorie breakfast menu
Compared to fried rice, nasi uduk, or yellow rice, breakfast of chicken porridge is relatively lower in calories. Because, to prepare a bowl of porridge you need rice that is less than a plate of plain rice.

A bowl of plain porridge contains approximately 138 calories. If added with chicken meat, eggs, beans, leeks, salted vegetables, cakwe, and crackers the amount of calories can reach 290. This amount is still less than the other rice breakfast menus. Because the bowl of plain white rice contains 242 calories.

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2. Breakfast chicken porridge makes you hungry faster
Even though the calories are low, chicken porridge makes you hungry faster. Because the breakfast menu is not so rich in vitamins, proteins, minerals, and other nutrients that the body needs to move until noon. This is because the largest content of chicken porridge is water.

The cooking process with very long water also changes the structure of rice. Rice, which was full of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fiber, turned into starch, whose main content is glucose and carbohydrates.
5 Interesting Facts About Breakfast Chicken Porridge - Healthy T1ps
3. Breakfast chicken porridge will not help you lose weight faster
For those of you who are on a diet, breakfast of chicken porridge can make you difficult to lose weight. Because porridge makes you hungry faster, you may be tempted to look for snacks before lunch time. Frequent consumption of snacks certainly makes it difficult for you to control your weight.

4. Porridge faster increases blood sugar than rice
The type of carbohydrates in chicken porridge are simple carbohydrates which are easily processed by the body into sugar. So, consuming chicken porridge can actually increase your blood sugar faster than ordinary white rice. You who are at risk or have diabetes should limit consumption of porridge to control blood sugar levels.

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5. Replace white rice with brown rice so that the porridge is healthier
Although not so common, you can replace white rice with brown rice to cook porridge. Brown rice is more rich in fiber and contains complex carbohydrates. This means that porridge from brown rice will not increase your blood sugar as fast as white porridge. In addition, porridge from brown rice will also make you full longer.