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7 Natural Flu Prevention Materials Available at Home - Healthy T1ps

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7 Natural Flu Prevention Materials Available at Home - Healthy T1ps

Flu can approach us anytime without knowing the time. Either because our body's resistance is declining, busyness is high so that health is neglected, or because friends in the office are busy contracting the flu and you are infected.

Maybe it seems trivial, but actually until now there is still no medicine that can cure colds. Commercially available medicines usually only function to relieve flu symptoms, not cure the disease.

So, if it's just to relieve symptoms, why not switch to easier (and cheaper) natural treatments? Here are some ingredients that you can prepare yourself at home when a cold starts to attack.

If your flu is accompanied by coughing, honey can be an effective drug in reducing the frequency and severity of your cough.

"You can use anything to calm your throat, but honey seems to work well," Ford said.

Usually honey is not taken directly, but mixed into hot tea. Keep in mind that honey can't really cure. In addition, sore throats caused by bacteria are sometimes also antibiotics to kill the bacteria that causes the infection. Ford also said that honey does not have an antibacterial effect.

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Warm chicken soup
Warm chicken soup made at home with good quality ingredients can make your respiratory tract mucus runny, because of its warmth. Ford says there are many benefits of chicken soup, although chicken soup is not the only one that can thin mucus in your respiratory tract when you have a cold.

"Warm and salty gravy will help moisturize and expel mucus. "It is difficult to measure the magnitude of the efficacy of chicken soup, but when soup is made with nutritional ingredients such as free-range chicken and carrots, it will work better," explained Ford.
7 Natural Flu Prevention Materials Available at Home - Healthy T1ps
Warm herbal tea
As quoted from WebMD Boots, warm herbal teas help reduce congestion in your respiratory tract, prevent dehydration, and relieve discomfort in your nose and throat.

If your nose is clogged, this often makes you unable to sleep at night. Warm herbal tea can be a savior. Add honey for additional properties.

You can eat garlic as an antidote to the flu virus. Reported by Best Health Mag if you are not afraid of bad breath, kulum half a clove of garlic in your mouth and breathe. If you feel pain or if the scent is too strong, you can chew it faster so that it can become a small part, and you can swallow it with water afterwards.

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Ginger tea
Our parents said, tea has many benefits. And this is not really wrong. You can drink a glass of ginger tea to relieve your flu, because ginger helps inhibit the production of substances that cause shortness of breath and bronchial blockages. Ginger also contains a compound called gingerol, which is a natural cough suppressant.

Gargle with salt water
Donald Ford says that salt can be the easiest and cheapest cold medicine to relieve sore throats.

"Hydration is the key to reducing sore throats, and a little salt in water can help fluids penetrate body tissues. I usually recommend one teaspoon of salt dissolved in a glass of warm water to rinse your mouth, "Ford said.

Peppermint tea
Ford said that chewing mint or drinking peppermint tea can soothe your bloated stomach from the flu. According to him, peppermint is able to relax smooth muscle in the gastric tract.

"This can relieve the sensation of pain. However, if you are nauseous or have stomach problems, you must be aware because the tea can open the upper part of the stomach, which allows stomach acid to rise, "said Ford.