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9 Benefits of Young Dates for Health - Healthy T1ps

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9 Benefits of Young Dates for Health - Healthy T1ps

Dates have the Latin name Phoenix dactylifera. This fruit comes from Saudi Arabia and has a brownish black color with a sweet taste. Until now, dates have spread to almost all countries, including Indonesia. Dates have a sweet and delicious taste so they can be consumed by eating or making fresh juices. Dates have a soft meat texture and have seeds in them. Almost every place there are dates, especially during the fasting month of Ramadan. Whereas for young dates themselves may not be too popular. Because what we usually eat is dates that have been cooked. Young dates have the following characteristics:

  • The size of the dates is smaller compared to the dates that have been cooked.
  • The skin and flesh of young dates are harder.
  • And inside there is white like coconut.
  • For the taste of young dates have a taste that is not as sweet as mature dates.

Young dates are known as ruthob dates where these dates are indeed still half-cooked. Young dates are also still fresh because they don't experience the drying process like mature dates. To get these young dates is indeed quite difficult because it is rarely sold freely on the market except in the country of origin. Usually for these young dates, reservations can be made directly to the Middle East. After ordering dates will be sent directly because young dates do not require a drying process as done on mature dates. Young dates are best consumed immediately after being received and stored in a cool place like a refrigerator so that they are always fresh when they are consumed.

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The content of young dates

Young dates are rich in compounds and vitamins - vitamins that are good for the health of the body. The content contained in these young dates is as follows:

  • Iron functions to maintain the need for oxogen in the blood so as to prevent the emergence of anemia.
  • Calcium is useful for providing nutrients to the bones and teeth so as to prevent loss of bone that can occur at an advanced age or known as osteoporosis.
  • Chloride is useful for helping the body to remove carbon dioxide in the body.
  • Vitamin A which functions to maintain eye health. Vitamin A is widely found in carrots and balance.
  • Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits and mangoes. Vitamin C functions to prevent canker sores.
  • Vitamin K functions to stop bleeding if bleeding occurs like a wound.
  • So the content contained in these dates is very good for maintaining overall body health.

Benefits of young dates

Date palm fruit has been proven to provide many benefits for health. The benefits of being able to diligently consume young dates include:

1. Fertility

The first benefit obtained from young dates is fertility. Fertility is very important for men and women, especially couples who want to have children. Almost in every marriage all married couples want to be blessed soon. It's just that not all couples can get what they want right away. Because of this, many married couples are willing to spend a large amount of money on IVF and also treatment. But this can also be overcome by consuming young dates that are good for fertility.

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2. Reducing bleeding

Young dates are to reduce bleeding during childbirth. Young dates contain vitamin K which is good for preventing blood clots so that the blood that comes out is not too much. As a result of fatal if the blood comes out too much will cause the body to run out of a lot of blood. For that young dates are widely recommended by health experts as natural ingredients that help the occurrence of blood clots.
9 Benefits of Young Dates for Health - Healthy T1ps
3. Helps produce milk

The next benefit of young dates for mothers after childbirth is to help produce breast milk. Babies need breast milk to meet their daily needs, especially for the first 6 months. Mother's milk must be large so that it is sufficient for the baby and also smooth. Mother's milk is useful for increasing the baby's immune system and preventing babies from avoiding various diseases.

4. Reducing high blood pressure

The following benefits of other young dates are to help lower high blood pressure. The cause of high blood pressure is an unhealthy diet so that blood pressure exceeds the normal limit. To find out high blood pressure is very fatal to health because it can cause death. For those of you who suffer from high blood pressure, it's always a good idea to exercise control to check blood pressure.

5. Healthy eyes

Not only vegetables such as carrots and balance that has benefits for healthy eyes. Young dates also have benefits for healthy eyes. The eye is the human senses that function to see. Almost every day we use our eyes to look around. So useful are the eyes and we are very grateful for this gift.

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6. Prevent oral cancer

The benefits of young dates are also able to prevent oral cancer. Try to diligently consume these dates every day to prevent oral cancer. Mouth cancer is a cancer that grows in the area around the mouth including the gums, tongue, aunt and reaches the cheeks. The initial symptom of oral cancer is canker sores that do not heal, there are reddish spots on the mouth, thickening of the walls contained in the mouth and when eating there are difficulties to swallow and chew food.

7. Good for the heart

The organs in the body that function to pump blood to all the body are the heart. The human heart is located in the chest cavity and always pulses almost every second. Heart health is one of our tasks to stay healthy. To have a healthy heart must start from implementing a healthy lifestyle such as exercise. And also healthy foods to consume like fruit, namely dates. It turns out that young dates are very good for heart health.

8. Prevent strokes

Stroke occurs because of high blood pressure in the body. Stroke can be forever and temporary depending on the severity of the essence of this stroke. Some strokes can paralyze all parts of the body and also paralyze some parts of the body, right or left. Young dates are good for preventing strokes because they contain iron which is good for the body. So try to consume dates to get a healthy and fit body always.

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9. Improve memory

During the growth period, every child needs adequate nutrition to improve his growth and development. Children in the teaching and learning process need fast memory and capture. Improving the memory of a child is certainly very influenced by the food factors that he consumes daily. It's a good idea for every mother to pay attention to food consumed by children such as fruits that are rich in benefits, namely young dates. The sweet taste of young dates must be liked by children. In addition, young dates are not only good for improving my child's memory but also able to improve memory for every young and old person. Maintain memory by consuming young dates.

Those are some reviews about the benefits of young dates that are no less beneficial than mature dates. The taste of the two dates is also not much different but still feels the same on the tongue.