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Can Pregnant Women Eat Goat Meat? - Healthy T1ps

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Can Pregnant Women Eat Goat Meat? - Healthy T1ps

Goat meat is a favorite food of many people, maybe including yourself. Well, if you are pregnant, surely you will wonder, may pregnant women eat mutton? Are there side effects of eating mutton while pregnant? Or is it really necessary for you and your baby's nutrition? Check out the answer below.

Can pregnant women eat mutton?

Goat meat has become a favorite food menu in various parts of the world for centuries. If mutton is your favorite menu, still you who are pregnant should be extra vigilant about whatever you eat. It's not scary, but it's a good idea to consult your doctor first.

Even though mutton is safe for pregnant women, you should not consume red meat, including goat meat, too much. Most eat goat's risk is causing cholesterol levels to rise and accumulation of saturated fat in the body.

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These things can make pregnant women more prone to heart disease. Especially in pregnant women who are already overweight or obese.
Can Pregnant Women Eat Goat Meat? - Healthy T1ps

The benefits of eating goats during pregnancy

No doubt, mutton contains an important source of nutrients that you need during pregnancy. The following are the benefits you get when eating mutton while pregnant.

  • An excellent source of protein. Goat meat provides protein intake that you need during pregnancy. This protein will greatly help in fetal growth and development.
  • Goat meat is very rich in iron which will increase your hemoglobin level. This helps in the formation of red blood cells. Iron contained in mutton will be absorbed by your body easily. So that will make you avoid anemia.
  • The high content of zinc in goat meat helps develop the immune system in your fetus and ensures the overall growth of your baby is healthy.
  • Mutton is a rich source of vitamin B complex, including B12. Vitamin B12 helps to form a healthy nervous system, the formation of red blood cells, and overcome anemia.
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  • Tips for safe eating goat meat during pregnancy
  • Because goat meat contains calories and cholesterol, you need to be careful in eating mutton while pregnant to avoid things that are not desirable. Don't let your cholesterol and blood pressure rise after eating mutton while pregnant. Here are tips on eating mutton while pregnant.

If you eat mutton, make sure you drink lots of water.
Include lots of vegetables and fruits that are rich in calcium in your mutton dish to improve nutrition for your baby. For example broccoli and spinach.
Cook mutton perfectly until cooked to avoid harmful bacteria. Goat meat must be cooked at a temperature of at least 63 degrees Celsius.
Avoid cooking goat meat by frying it first before processing it into tongseng and curry with coconut milk or burning it into goat satay. Because of the way to cook it, processed goat meat is not healthy because it will increase the levels of calories and saturated fat in goat meat. Most saturated calories and fat risk causing overweight, which is certainly very risky for your pregnancy.
You can process mutton into soup or stir-fry. This cooking method is safer because it does not increase calories and saturated fat like other processed techniques.

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If today pregnant women eat too much mutton because it's already too late, you should avoid it tomorrow or the next few days. Pregnant women also have to exercise and move actively to prevent the effects of eating goat meat mostly during pregnancy.

In addition, do not make mutton as a menu every day, especially during pregnancy. Vary the food menu and your choice of protein sources so that your nutritional intake and baby content are more complete.