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Eating Goat Meat Doesn't Make Blood Pressure Increase - Healthy T1ps

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Eating Goat Meat Doesn't Make Blood Pressure Increase - Healthy T1ps

Many avoid eating goat meat for fear of rising blood pressure. Though goat meat is still better than beef and chicken meat, so it is even declared safe for consumption by people with high blood pressure though. Then, where does the myth of eating goat meat make blood pressure go up? Here's the explanation.

Cholesterol goat meat is lower than chicken and beef
Every 100 grams of goat meat contains approximately 109 calories. This total calorie is much lower than beef which has 250 calories and chicken meat with a total of 195 kcal. Cholesterol levels of goat meat are also lower than these two types of meat, which is around 57 mg per 100 grams. Cholesterol levels of beef are around 89 mg and chicken 83 mg per portion.

In total, per 100 grams of goat meat only contains 2.3 grams of total fat while fat in beef can reach 15 grams and chicken meat more or less contains 7.5 grams of total fat. This means that one serving of goat only meets 4 percent of your daily fat requirements, if based on the calculation of 2,000 calories per day.

However, mutton is a good source of animal protein as well as chicken and beef. The total protein in goat meat is approximately 20 grams, while beef contains about 25 grams and chicken about 30 grams per portion. One serving of 100 grams of goat meat can cover nearly 50 percent of the body's daily protein needs.

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It is not true that eating goat meat causes hypertension

Red meat should be avoided to be consumed too much, given the high amount of saturated fat. Saturated fats have long been known to increase cholesterol and trigger heart disease. Therefore, intake of saturated fat from food should not exceed 20 grams per day.

But actually goat meat does not need to be too worried because the increase in blood pressure after consuming it remains relatively smaller than beef or chicken. This is because the saturated fat content of goat meat is much lower than both.

Saturated beef is generally around 6 grams, and chicken contains almost 2.5 grams of saturated fat per portion. Meanwhile, the saturated fat content of goat meat is only around 0.71 grams per 100 grams of meat weight.

Goat meat is actually enriched by unsaturated fats, about 1 gram per serving, compared to beef or chicken. Unsaturated fats are a good type of fat that helps balance blood cholesterol levels, reduce inflammation in the body, and stabilize the heartbeat.
Eating Goat Meat Doesn't Make Blood Pressure Increase - Healthy T1ps
Then, where does the myth of eating goat meat come from can make blood high?
Eating goat meat does not cause hypertension. However, there are several factors that indirectly contribute to the increase in blood pressure after consuming it. High blood pressure after eating mutton tends to be caused by wrong cooking techniques.

Processed goat meat in Indonesia is often fried before being processed further, or baked and burned for satay and rolling goats. Cooking by frying, baking, or baking will increase food calories than the raw version. Plus, processing meat in these ways often requires a lot of cooking oil, butter, or margarine which will turn into fat and absorbed quite a lot by meat.

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The hot temperature when frying or baking makes the water content in the food evaporate lost, and replaced its position with fat from oil. The fat absorbed into the meat then causes foods that were low in calories to be high in calories. In fact, the increase in calories from these three cooking methods can reach 64% of the previous calories. High calorie intake in the body will be converted into fat, which over time can accumulate in the blood vessels, thereby increasing blood pressure.

In addition, the use of various flavorings during cooking also indirectly triggers high blood pressure after eating goat meat. Especially if it is inserted repeatedly to adjust the taste. Seasonings such as soy sauce, salt, and mecin contain high sodium and preservatives which can cause high blood pressure if consumed in excess.

Goat meat is also often processed into coconut milk, whether it's cured or made into curry. Although coconut milk does not naturally contain cholesterol, it is high in saturated fat.

Tips for safe eating goat meat

So, if you want to keep eating goat meat without worrying about the risks to health, you should avoid processing the mutton mentioned above. You can process mutton by cooking it into soup or sautéing it. Make sure you also balance nutrients while eating mutton. Don't just eat meat and rice, for example. Expand vegetables rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals to accompany you to eat mutton.

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However, still limit consumption of red meat
Eating mutton is not the main cause of soaring high blood pressure. Therefore, it's okay to still eat goat meat. But you must still limit the portion. Because whatever the type of meat, if it is high in fat and consumed in excess, all meat is actually equally at risk of increasing blood pressure from the accumulation of saturated fat in the body.

What's more, the risk of blood pressure rising from herbs and the way meat is processed can be especially increased in people who already have previous high cholesterol or other diseases.

As long as you wisely manage portions, consumption of meat will not cause high blood pressure or increase cholesterol levels. Also be careful in choosing parts of meat and how to process them. You can get rid of the fat when you want to cook, and use a type of cooking oil that is healthier to cook so that health is maintained.