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Is It Right to Eat at Night Makes You Fat? - Healthy T1ps

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Is It Right to Eat at Night Makes You Fat? - Healthy T1ps

Are you one of those people who are afraid of being fat so they always avoid eating at night? Apparently not necessarily like that. Then what are the facts?

Where did the myth come from "dinner makes fat"?

"Eating at night can make the body fat" is a statement that has long been discussed, but until now it is still debated. Research carried out on night shift workers shows that night shift workers often eat food at night and show an increase in body weight. A journal also supports the results of previous studies by stating that eating at night risks increasing the calories consumed.

Various reasons that cause people to eat at night other than because of the hunger that appears at night, is because they want to satisfy appetite which can be a false hunger, relieve stress, or because of boredom. Usually people who eat late at night because they want to satisfy their appetite or because they want to relieve stress tend to choose snacks but high in calories. They do consume it in small amounts, but the calories contained in these snacks are very large. Things like this can cause obesity.

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People who have a habit of eating at night can be considered having night eating syndrome (NES). NES has the characteristic of eating a lot at night, often staying up late or insomnia, and anorexia that occurs in the morning. NES is often associated with depression and stress which causes appetite to increase. When appetite increases, what is consumed at that time is food that is high in calories and high in sugar, and this is what is considered to be the cause of obesity.

Recent research shows that eating at night is actually good, as long as ...
Various studies conducted recently, found that consumption of snacks that are low in calories at night actually reduces the risk of overweight in women. Even research conducted on athletes, shows that consumption of high-protein snacks at 30 minutes before bedtime can help in the process of spending energy which is useful for maintaining normal functioning of the body at rest.

In another study conducted by Groen and his colleagues, it was found that consumption of snacks that are high in protein in older people turned out to increase muscle protein synthesis. This is because good time in the process of metabolism and protein synthesis is nighttime. So, eating foods that are high in protein before bed can maximize the process of digestion of protein in the body. The study also proves that protein consumption before bedtime can prevent aging and loss of muscle mass in older people.
Is It Right to Eat at Night Makes You Fat? - Healthy T1ps
Other studies that prove one of the benefits of eating light meals before bedtime can reduce calorie intake in a group of overweight and obese women. The group of women who are overweight are given snacks that are low in fat, low in calories, and high in fiber, such as whole grain cereals, every 90 minutes after dinner. This has been shown to reduce the group's appetite when the next morning, thereby reducing its daily calorie intake.

Figueroa and colleagues also conducted research on the group, but wanted to see changes in blood pressure that occur if the group eats snacks at night. As a result, snacks containing these proteins accompanied by regular exercise can reduce blood pressure and reduce the risk of atherosclerosis in the group of overweight women.

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So, can dinner make the body fat?

Our bodies work every time, including burning calories. It is true that when sleeping, the body burns fewer calories than when it is active, but quality sleep is one of the determining factors in maintaining weight. In this case, which is very instrumental in determining whether your weight increases, decreases, or stays is the number of calories you consume in a day, not the most decisive meal time. When you eat dinner and eat foods that are high in calories and fat, this can affect weight gain.

You may eat around 10% of your daily calories at night, but it's better to do it 3 hours before going to bed. And if this is done routinely and is balanced with regular exercise, this will maintain body stability and function.

Actually, scientific evidence is still needed to prove exactly which statement is true, whether dinner makes fat or even helps metabolize nutrients in the body. Research that states that eating at night can make fat evident in night shift workers and patients who experience night eating syndrome, this is also due to lack of sleep in the group that affects the hormones that function to regulate appetite and metabolism of nutrients.

On the other hand, at present various studies have also proven that eating at night with certain conditions can actually help a person to maintain his health. Therefore another study is needed that corroborates this statement.