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What Happens When Pregnant Women Are Overweight? - Healthy T1ps

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What Happens When Pregnant Women Are Overweight? - Healthy T1ps

Having a healthy, safe pregnancy and without any interference is the hope of all pregnant women. Of course this must be supported by the environment and good maternal health status. Various things can affect the health of pregnant women and cause pregnancy disorders. One of them is the excess weight of pregnant women. Then what are the effects that can be caused if a pregnant woman has excess weight? How do you keep your pregnancy healthy? Do pregnant women have to lose weight?

Overweight while pregnant, what are the effects?

Overweight or overweight is defined as nutritional status whose body mass index reaches 25.1-27 kg / m2. Whereas someone said to be obese if they have a body mass index of more than 27 kg / m2. This body mass index can be used when the mother is not pregnant, if the mother has entered pregnancy, the calculation is no longer accurate.

Having the ideal weight before becoming pregnant is the best thing to prevent complications and problems that can arise during pregnancy. body weight greatly determines a person's nutritional status, while nutritional status affects health status, this also applies to pregnant women. Abnormal nutritional status will cause some health problems in the mother and fetus that are being conceived.
What Happens When Pregnant Women Are Overweight? - Healthy T1ps

Disorders that can occur if you have excessive weight during pregnancy are:

  • Gestational diabetes. Obese pregnant women have a greater chance of developing diabetes during pregnancy compared to mothers who have normal nutritional status and body weight
  • Preeclampsia, namely high blood pressure and the presence of protein in the mother's urine.
  • Slow birth
  • Increases the chance for cesarean delivery
  • Infections, especially urinary tract infections
  • Problem at birth
  • Miscarriage
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What should be the normal weight during pregnancy?

Losing weight during pregnancy is very risky. This risks causing various complications and disorders. Even pregnant women who have excess weight still have to increase their weight. According to the Institute of Medicine, the weight of pregnant women must increase, but must be adjusted to the nutritional status they have, such as:

  • Pregnant women who are underweight or underweight, their weight is recommended to increase by 12-18 kg.
  • Pregnant women with ideal body weight, must increase body weight around 11-15 kg.
  • Pregnant women with excessive body weight and have a body mass index between 25-27 kg / m2, should at least increase their weight around 6-11 kg.
  • While obese women with a body mass index of more than 27 kg / m2 around 4-9 kg
  • So don't think about losing weight while pregnant. The most important thing is how to keep the pregnancy healthy even though the mother has excess weight.
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How to keep your pregnancy healthy even though I have excessive weight?

The most important thing that can prevent a pregnant woman who has excess weight experiences various pregnancy disorders is by doing a healthy lifestyle, eating regularly, choosing healthy foods, and doing sports regularly.

Have a healthy diet. Planning, choosing, and managing food to eat is the best way to implement a healthy life. If you often feel hungry, it's better for your eating schedule to be more frequent. For example, in a day you can divide your meal time into 6 meals. But still with the same calorie needs in a day, only the division of time and portions of food are different. If necessary, discuss your diet plan with a nutritionist.

Regular exercise. Some pregnant women are afraid to exercise because they think that exercise has a negative impact on their baby. Indeed, regular exercise can help maintain the health of the mother and the growing fetus. You can exercise lightly but regularly, such as walking, swimming, gardening, yoga, or even jogging. While exercise that must be avoided first during pregnancy is cycling, or other activities that cause excessive fatigue.