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4 Benefits of Front Roller Exercise for Our Body

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4 Benefits of Front Roller Exercise for Our Body Health

Front rollers are one of the first and easiest exercises learned by babies and children in gymnastic-based classes. Most children can do it themselves after several tries. The front rollers if done correctly will be a full body exercise and also brain training for all age groups of children. The front roller is a basic gymnastic movement that looks like a graceful somersault movement, rolling forward from the back of the body.

To do the front rollers correctly, you must be able to move from the starting point into a roller and return to the foot in one motion. Requires practice to do front rollers without using hands that will support the body when you stand up. Someone will probably still feel dizzy when doing more than one row in a row or even because they stand too fast. The benefits of front roller training for children - of course have its own advantages that can be considered and guided by parents.

Use of Front Roller Movement

All of these movements have the same main benefit, namely developing and enhancing our vestibular sense. The vestibular system allows us to maintain balance and to experience safety by gravity, allowing us to be in one position without falling. This will also help us to move more softly and efficiently. Because the vestibular system coordinates eye and head movements, it might be a bit challenging for some children to complete daily activities. The benefits of front roller exercises that can be obtained by children include:

1. Body awareness and control
Front rollers are more than just basic ability to fall, but also raise the issue of body awareness and control that will lead to coordination of body and mind. The lack of time used to think about basic motor skills can be more time to learn about the benefits of floor gymnastics and the benefits of morning gymnastics at school for our body's control.

2. Train the eyes
The main reason for learning front rollers is the upward and downward movement that needs to be done so that it leads to the development of eye tracking and pre-reading power. Eye tracking is very important to do especially when children learn to read. Without good eye skills, children will find it difficult to follow the lines on the page when reading. This means they cannot focus on the entire contents of the book because it uses valuable time to follow line by line on one page.
4 Benefits of Front Roller Exercise for Our Body 3. Train bilateral coordination
The benefits of front roller training are also very good for bilateral coordination training activities, which occur when two sides of the body work together to complete a task. For example, pushing a shopping cart, climbing stairs, or doing two separate tasks such as holding paper in one hand and scissors in the other. The two sides of the body in the example need to put forth the same effort to keep the body centered while doing the front rollers. Make sure the child gently places both hands on the floor before starting the rollers. You can help by holding the child's hip.

4. Train the central strength of the body
The benefits of front roller training can also increase the body's central strength, an important ability that can be learned when children learn to sit up, crawl, walk, run, ride a bicycle, swim or other sports. Also know the benefits of exercise with tools, the benefits of agility exercises, and the benefits of afternoon exercise.

How to do a front roller

The benefits of front roller training can be done in two ways, namely rolling forward with the initial attitude squatting or rolling forward with the initial attitude standing. This exercise is actually easy to do but must be in accordance with the correct technique so as not to cause harm or cause injury. The correct way to do front rollers is:

  • Squat with two feet tight, knees placed on the chest and two hands resting in front of the toe about 40 cm.
  • Bend both hands and place your shoulders on the mat after previously lowering your head and putting your chin to your chest.
  • Make a rolling motion forward and when the hip has touched the mat, hold the shin with both hands to the squat position. The nape of the neck needs to touch the mat first and keep the legs tightly closed to the chest.
  • Stand up and return to the starting position.
  • Errors that must be avoided

In doing the benefits of front roller training there are some mistakes that can be dangerous and should be avoided in order to safely do the front rollers.

  • Hand rests open too wide or less wide, too far or too close to the tip of the foot.
  • One of the handstools is less strong which causes the body's balance to be less than perfect and the body actually falls to the side.
  • The shoulder does not stick to the mattress when the position of the hand is bent.
  • Both hands did not go away when the movement rolled forward. Also know about the benefits of rhythmic exercise and the benefits of aerobic exercise for female fertility.

Of course the main benefits of front roller training are for pleasure and building self-confidence. Having new abilities requires perseverance to be able to master them and that is one of the qualities that we want children to have. Children will love doing various things themselves and these front roller skills are not only simple but also good for them.