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7 Benefits of Black Oncom for Positive Body Health

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7 Benefits of Black Oncom for Positive Body Health

Indonesia is known as one of the countries with high diversity in various matters ranging from ethnicity, race, religion, culture, beliefs, flora and fauna, and processed foods. Almost every region must have its own special food which makes the image of the area known not only at the local and national level but also at the International. One type of processed food that is quite typical and only exists in certain regions is Oncom.

Oncom is a typical Sundanese food made from fermentation made by molds of a type of mushroom which is also the same in the process of making tempeh. What distinguishes between Oncom and Tempe is that Oncom is used after producing spores. The special taste of Oncom, especially black Oncom, has certain benefits for the body. Here are some of the benefits of black oncom as one of the types of oncom that need to be known and maybe not many understand it in the explanation below.

1. Reducing the production of alfatoxin toxins
In the food processing process, there are several forms of microbes that can enter into the processed food and cause the formation of alfatoxin toxins which are harmful to the health of the body. In the process of making Oncom, the alfatoxin toxin can be reduced to its formation so that it does not cause interference because indeed in the stages of making Oncom which is carried out through a fermentation process, process sanitation is maintained properly so that no other microbes can cause interference in making Oncom. Reducing the production of alfatoxin toxins is one of the benefits of oncom for body health.

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2. Prevent flatulence
Flatulence is a condition of health problems in the gastrointestinal tract that can be caused by consumption of certain foods or because there is a disease that is being experienced. Although fairly mild, flatulence will certainly disturb and need to be overcome. One of the benefits of black oncom for health conditions is to help prevent flatulence as a form of health problems. The positive impact of black oncom is the same as the benefits of fried oncom.

3. The body's source of nutrition
Another benefit of Oncom is that it is a source of nutrition for the body, considering that the fermentation done by molds on peanuts can make black Oncom has an abundant nutritional value. Oncom has good protein and carbohydrate content to meet daily needs. Black Oncom can be processed into various types of food according to each taste so that it will still be delicious.

4. Reducing cholesterol levels
Cholesterol is a form of problem in the body that can be at risk for health and certainly will last for a long time. For people with cholesterol, seeking traditional and alternative treatments is needed to reduce dependence on long-term medical treatment which certainly has certain side effects. One of the benefits of black oncom for health in reducing the amount of cholesterol in the body has long been trusted in the community. The positive impact of black oncom might be the same as the benefits of rotten tempeh.

5. Blood circulation
7 Benefits of Black Oncom for Positive Body HealthThe smooth circulation of blood is one of the conditions that should occur in the body whose health is maintained. The content of retinol and rerinoic acid in Oncom is believed to be a compound that can help facilitate blood circulation and improve the health of blood vessels throughout the body. The existence of black oncom benefits for blood vessels can help prevent the body from various problems related to blood vessels and the heart including high blood pressure or hypertension which is almost the same as the benefits of leukemia.

6. Maintain digestive health
Besides being beneficial to various body parts directly, consuming oncom or foods containing oncom can help maintain digestive health. Indigestion is indeed a form of health problems that often occur. Digestive health conditions that are maintained are also indirectly can also help improve body health and absorption of nutrients for the needs of the body can also occur well.

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7. Other health benefits
Other benefits that can be obtained from consumption of black oncom besides the benefits mentioned above are such as helping to cleanse the blood as one of the causes of several problems in the body, increase endurance so that it is not susceptible to certain diseases, and help protect the nasal cavity. ability in its function to filter the air that enters the respiratory tract as well as the benefits of gurah.

Those are some of the benefits of black oncom for health which need to be considered well and can be used really when needed. But it needs to be considered well when consuming fresh black oncom because of its ability that will only survive in open spaces for only 1 to 2 days. After 2 days, Oncom will experience damage due to the degradation of the protein contained in Oncom by proteolytic enzymes so that ammonia is formed which makes the black oncom inappropriate to be consumed again. Because of these conditions, it should only be consumed oncom which is still feasible to consume to avoid side effects on the digestive tract and other adverse effects of the presence of excess ammonia in the body.