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What Is Probiotic Chicken? Is it Really Healthier? - Healthy T1ps

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What Is Probiotic Chicken? Is it Really Healthier? - Healthy T1ps

Have you heard of names or seen probiotic chickens sold on supermarkets? Besides organic chicken, it turns out chicken probiotics can also be consumed and in fact have been sold on the market. What is probiotic chicken? See the explanation below.

What is probiotic chicken?

Probiotic chickens are chickens that are naturally raised, and during their farm, they are not exposed to any chemicals. Well, this chicken, since it hatched from inside the egg, is bred and it is also propagated by organic matter. From the feed to the bran, he also uses organic rice.

In addition, chicken produced from organic livestock is free of pesticides in the content of meat or in feathers from probiotic chickens. In this type of probiotic chicken, the content of E. coli bacteria is small and does not contain salmonella thyposa, which is a bacterium found in chicken digestion. Probiotic chickens are also not contaminated with metals, which are dangerous if processed and absorbed in the human body.

Is it healthier where is probiotic chicken with ordinary chicken?

In addition to being free from exposure to pesticides and other chemical hazards, probiotic chicken actually has less fat than ordinary chickens. This probiotic chicken fat content is 9.15%, lower than normal chicken fat content, where ordinary chicken contains fat between 21% -25% more. If the fat in the chicken is small, the automatic cholesterol dose is also lower.

If chickens that normally contain cholesterol are around 100-120 milligrams per 100 grams, the cholesterol content of probiotic chicken is only half, which is around 59.7 milligrams per 100 grams. Regarding chicken taste and size, don't worry. According to several surveys conducted by Perdue Farms, one of the big farms in the United States, the taste of probiotic chicken is better than ordinary chicken, although the price is a little more expensive.
What Is Probiotic Chicken? Is it Really Healthier? - Healthy T1ps

The benefits of eating probiotic foods

The body will receive certain adverse effects if it does not receive probiotic intake in it. Side effects that can arise include indigestion, skin problems, candida, and even colds and colds.

In contrast to the danger of lack of probiotic intake in the body, the following are health benefits that you can get if you eat probiotic foods:

The immune system is stronger
Improve digestive function
Increases energy from the production of vitamin B12
Breathing becomes better because probiotics prevent candida
Healthier skin, because probiotics prevent eczema and psoriasis
Reducing the incidence of flu and cold symptoms
Preventing intestinal inflammation
Helps prevent weight gain, with fat from low probiotic foods.