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Wind Is Actually What Disease Is It? - Healthy T1PS

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Wind Is Actually What Disease Is It? - Healthy T1PS

Who doesn't know this "disease"? Although there is no medical term and is not known in the medical world, colds are the most famous "disease" in Indonesia. Doctors also regard this as a myth, although there are many people who claim to suffer it often. You can check it on the internet or ask your Facebook friends from other parts of the world, and you will find that it only exists in Indonesia.

Wind alone is often defined as a feeling of "not feeling well" due to the amount of wind entering the body. It could be because it's too long in an air-conditioned room, often spending time on outdoor activities, or often raining.

This condition is believed by many Indonesians to be a real disease, but until now there is not enough medical evidence to support this claim. Not to mention this cold is similar to flu / influenza, because it has the same symptoms and causes.

Enter the wind according to the doctor
Although in medicine it is considered a myth, medically according to an internist from Pantai Indah Kapuk Hospital, dr. Mulia Sp. PD as quoted from, the term cold is a condition where a person feels sore, bloated, or feels full stomach, can not stop wasting the wind, nausea, coughing, flu, feeling cold, and fever.

According to Dr. Mulia, Indonesians usually begin to feel cold when one of these symptoms appears. "The term cold is not in the medical literature. So colds are only the name of Indonesians for this collection of symptoms, "he said.

Because the symptoms and causes vary, how to handle it also varies. It cannot be compared between one and the other symptoms.

Generally when we feel cold, the way to handle it is by scraping. If people say that the wind "comes out". Unfortunately from a medical point of view, scrapings are not very helpful and instead open and widen the body's pores. Not to mention if the symptoms are felt such as flatulence because of late eating, scrapings do not help at all, because it is only done on the skin.
Wind Is Actually What Disease Is It? - Healthy T1PS
Mulia also explained, as a treatment for colds, scrapings are not recommended in medical medical standards. "First the cause must be sought and given appropriate treatment. If symptoms of colds still persist after a few days, you should consult a doctor, "he said.

Getting into the wind can be a sign of other diseases
In a blog written by a general practitioner in Rengat, Riau Province, named Dr. Kosasi in 2015, based on the results of his observations and experience as a medical worker, not scientific research, the cold illness did not exist.

The symptoms or conditions that have been explained before do make a person feel that he has a cold. But according to Dr. Blank, conditions or symptoms have their own causes and can be a sign of other diseases.

The most we feel when we catch a cold is a mild fever and at the same time we have a cold. Usually, because it's too long in an air-conditioned room or lingering in the outdoor. According to Dr. Blank, this condition is actually the beginning of influenza or flu.

The belching that comes out after the body parts are massaged is also a sign of why we feel colds, such as when massaging the upper or lower arms and other body parts.

"This unique phenomenon certainly makes us very sure that we are 'catching a cold'. What is the real cause of this complaint? Complaints of belching if our body is massaged can be caused by several possible diseases. First, pinched nerves in the back area near the shoulder blades. Then, excess blood fat levels or triglycerides (hypertriglyceridemia), "wrote Dr. Blank in his blog at

He also suggested that since wind is not known and has never been taught in medicine in general, then doctors need to ask further questions and details when dealing with patients who complain of colds, when they see a doctor.

"Complete and detailed information about what you experience is very useful for you and your doctor to conclude what is really a disease that makes you 'catch a cold'," he said.